Fake Australian Dollars for Sale Online

We make care to purchase the highest-quality goods with Australian dollars. Paper made of 80% cotton and 20% cellulose is very different from regular paper. With complete confidence, we can claim to be the top suppliers of fake Australian currency on the market. Series accessible the security features on 5AUD, 10AUD, 20AUD, 50AUD, and 100AUD bills, for example, include: Printing in intaglio Watermarks protection thread transparent register unique foil or unique foil components Stripe with shifting colors and iridescence. Usable at ATM’s (100 percent success guarantee), gas stations, casinos, banks, bus and railway stations, as well as local currency exchanges in Australia and any other country


  • We exclusively sell authentic, premium counterfeit AUD banknotes. Worldwide shipping is available, and we produce and sell Grade A+ Australian counterfeit banknotes in a secure manner.
  • If becoming a billionaire has always been your goal, here is your opportunity. Our AUD has a lifespan of 90 days, is flawlessly duplicated, and is undetectable to the touch and to the sight. Shipments are made in a variety of sizes, packaged, and concealed.
  • Our counterfeit Australian dollars banknotes circumvent the light detector test by having holograms and watermarks. Without the involvement of customs, the delivery is made to your house. Our skilled delivery personnel execute deliveries flawlessly and without any problems.
  • There are usually plenty of stocks accessible. We make our Australian fake dollars banknotes with the most up-to-date technology so that they are 100% camouflage similar to the real Australian dollars bills and have all the security measures.

The Cotton Linen team consists of skilled IT professionals from the US, Russia, India, the UK, Korea, and China, making deliveries to these nations quick and easy. Shipping by DHL, DPD, or the USPS first class documented delivery with tracking takes three to four days for overseas destinations and twenty-four hours for deliveries within the same nation or state.

  • Professional packaging is used, and we provide you with tracking numbers so you may follow the package on your own.

Why would you choose us to purchase your forged Australian dollar?

First off, all of the Australian counterfeit currency we offer for sale is produced by high-end money printing machines using the same materials that are used to create genuine AUD currency.

The following security measures on our banknotes make them brilliant, and we provide the highest-quality Australian counterfeit currency with comprehensive security features on the dark web market

  • Printing in intaglio
  • Watermarks
  • Thread security
  • Visible through
  • Special foil register
  • Unique foil components Stripe with iridescence and changing hues

Remember that

These counterfeit banknotes are manufactured in factories and are printed on 80% cotton, 20% cellulose paper, which is significantly different from standard paper.

This indicates that all security elements featured on genuine Australian currency are likewise included on our for sale fake currency. Can be used in ATM machines (100% success guaranteed), Gas stations, Casinos, Banks, Bus and train stations, Local money exchanges  in Australia and in any foreign countries


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