Crowler Cans Wholesale: The Ins and Outs of These Specialty Cans

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Crowler cans are the newest rage in craft beer, and you might be wondering how they work and whether or not you can use them in your own bar, restaurant, or retail store. Crowler cans offer an enticing selection of benefits to both bars and breweries, making it easier than ever to create great-tasting beer quickly and cheaply without sacrificing on quality. Whether you’re considering stocking these attractive cans at your bar or opening up your own online brewery, here’s what you need to know about crowler cans wholesale.

What is a crowler can?

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A crowler is a type of aluminum beer can that is filled with fresh, cold draft beer from the tap. A crowler can be filled with any style of beer, but is most commonly used for craft beers.

How are crowler cans made?

There are three major components to crowler cans. First, there is a sleeve that is aluminum in nature. This sleeve slides over the top of the can, providing a tight seal between the can and the lid. Next, there is a plastic gasket that sits between the lip of the can and lid. Finally, there is a cap on top that screws on to create an airtight seal. Once these three components are assembled together, you have yourself your very own crowler can!

Why are crowler cans becoming popular?

Craft beer is booming in the United States. In fact, according to Forbes Magazine, the craft beer industry has grown by 18% over the past four years. With people opting for artisanal brews over mass produced beers, one might think that this growth would be coming at the expense of sales for large breweries like Budweiser. However, that’s not the case.

How to store and serve beer from a crowler can

A crowler can is a 32 ounce beer can that gets filled from the tap. Some people refer to it as a growler on steroids because it’s the same size, but you can keep it sealed until you’re ready to drink. You can buy one at any brewery or liquor store, or you can rent one for an event. Once you have your crowler filled with your favorite beverage, there are two ways to drink from it – pour straight from the can or use a crowler lid.

Are there any disadvantages to using crowler cans?

Crowler are made out of a different material than your crowler cans wholesale. This means that they will not react the same way to changes in temperature. In other words, if you put a crowler in the freezer or leave it outside on a hot day, it may not be as durable as aluminum can because it is made from plastic. The aluminum coating on the inside and outside also has a tendency to peel off when agitated, which can affect taste.


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