Custom Acrylic Keychains – The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion!

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Last updated on November 28th, 2022 at 12:12 pm

Sometimes the perfect gift is something you’d like to get for yourself, not just someone else. Custom acrylic keychains are perfect for this purpose, as they can be customized with any image or text you want to make them special! Whether it’s your company logo or an image of your child’s face, personalized keychains can help you show off your brand or help you carry around an important piece of your loved one’s personality with you wherever you go!

What are custom acrylic keychains?

The perfect accessory to show off your favorite design or logo, acrylic keychains are a great way to promote your business. With vibrant colors and endless customization options, these promotional items are sure to make a big impact. Acrylic keychain custom is the perfect gift for any occasion; they’re affordable and make excellent gifts for co-workers, customers or friends. You can also promote your company by ordering customized acrylic keychains with your company logo on them. What’s even better is you have the opportunity to customize the layout of the imprint area as well as what color it appears in. So whether you’re looking for a gift or some new promotional items, these custom acrylic keychains will come in handy! Our acrylic keychains not only make an awesome giveaway at conferences and trade shows but also help your brand stay fresh. We know that acrylic keychain custom may sound daunting at first but we offer low minimums so you don’t have to worry about ordering too many or too few items, plus we provide all the templates and layouts so you don’t need any graphic design skills. If you still need more convincing then read on!

How can I use them?

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Vograce offers acrylic keychain custom, where customers can design their own unique shapes, sizes and colors. Made from a high-quality acrylic that won’t crack or break, these are the perfect way to make your keys stand out or celebrate an occasion with loved ones. The variety of shapes makes these versatile enough to use as laptop stands, so you’re always able to watch your favorite movies hands free in bed. Not only are they stylish, but they also serving a functional purpose. Because they attach onto your keys so securely there is no risk of them being separated when dropped accidentally. When personalized in bulk quantities they make a fantastic promotional product because recipients will remember the generosity shown by their friend or loved one who gifted them with such practical item that is also useful in their everyday lives. Best yet, acrylic key chains do not have time constraints; unlike traditional gifts that may lose value over time acrylics stay relevant year after year. What’s more, this gift comes at affordable prices which are especially good news for those looking to buy in bulk quantities. We offer quantity discounts on our products so it pays off if you order more than five keychains of the same shape and color

What makes them the perfect gift?

Acrylic keychains are a perfect way to say I love you to anyone. They can be given as a gift at any time and are appropriate for any occasion. For example, they make an excellent birthday present, Mother’s Day gift, or thank-you token of appreciation. The acrylic keychain is made of durable and lightweight acrylic material that is scratch resistant and waterproof. Plus the design won’t fade over time.

The best part about acrylic keychains is that they can be customized with your own personal message or design. You can choose between three different types of fonts: script font, block font, and shadowed block font. You also have the option of choosing from twelve different colors so you can create a completely unique acrylic keychain. Each acrylic keychain is approximately 2 x 1 in size and includes a 1/4 hole on top for easy attachment to your keys, purse, belt loop, backpack strap or anything else! Ordering is simple too; just click add to cart and follow our 4 step process. If you want to customize the acrylic keychain even further, then go ahead and add your personalized text into the box provided (25 characters max). When ordering, be sure to include all important shipping information including street address (no PO boxes), city, state, zip code and phone number.

How do I order them?

1. Select the shape and color of your acrylic keychain.

2. Choose the type of acrylic you want: clear or frosted. Clear is more glossy while frosted is more matte and textured, like a chalkboard.

3. Enter in the text you want on your keychain, including any special characters such as an accent above a letter (á) or below a letter (â). You can also enter in custom shapes such as hearts and stars to make your keychain even more special! Once you have chosen all of your desired features, click adds to cart at the top right corner. Your order will be shipped within two business days with tracking information sent out to the email address entered during checkout. If you are ordering outside of the United States please allow up to four weeks before shipping due to international customs delays. Orders shipped to Canada may incur a surcharge depending on destination. All Vograce items are made from scratch and customized by hand, so please take this into consideration when choosing your design. For larger orders, we recommend contacting us directly so that we may best assist you with sizing needs. With our streamlined process and lightning fast turnaround time, you won’t find better acrylic keychains anywhere else! We offer free ground shipping on all U.S. orders over $50* (*includes Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and US Territories), hassle-free returns within 14 days of purchase and personalized customer service agents standing by to answer any questions you might have!


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