Custom mailer boxes and their many advantages

custom mailer boxes
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Custom mailer boxes are popular among retailers and e-sellers for sending their goods. They are versatile pieces of packaging that offer durability, convenience, and style. They come in a large variety of designs, sizes and have multiple uses. E-commerce giants like AmazoneBay, etc., often resort to mailer boxes. This article will have an in-depth look at custom mailer boxes and help understand everything about them.

What is a mailer box?

A mailer box got its name courtesy of US Postal services. There used to box present in the American post offices for dispatching stuff back in the time. That is how these boxes got their name. But, they have evolved and developed since those humble beginnings. Now they are use for dispatching any goods and come in different shapes and sizes.

Usually, a mailer box self-locking flaps and does not require the use of adhesives. It is made with sturdy paperboard and has double sidewalls to ensure sufficient protection and support. A mailer box is easy to assemble and disassemble and requires no special techniques to do that.

What are custom mailer boxes?

As the name suggests, custom mailer boxes are manufacture per the customers’ specific needs and requirements. They can be of any shape, size, design, and material. The customer specifies what purpose he requires the mailer box, and the manufacturer produces them accordingly. Some of the popular types of custom mailer boxes are;

Corrugated mailer boxes:

These custom mailer boxes usually have three layers of paperboard for extra resilience and durability. They are ideal for carrying large or heavy objects over long distances.

Bubble mailer boxes:

They are best suited for small objects that require special care and attention. It is because they have a padded interior, which is why they are called bubble mailers. They may also have self-sealing strips for further protecting the items. Generally, bubble mailers are used for fragile and delicate stuff.

Poly mailer boxes:

Clothes are usually shipped using poly mailers.

Flat mailer boxes:

Flat mailer boxes are used for dispatching importing documents, certificates, legal papers, etc. Their design and structure prevent these papers from getting damaged, creased, or twisted. They are available in brown kraft, white, and black colors.

Luxury mailer boxes:

As the name suggests, these are premium types of custom mailer boxes. They are use for packaging high-quality and high-end products. They can have features like gold or silver foiling, stylized embossing or debossing, customized die-cutting, and spot UV protection. The customer can use a combination of these features or some of them as he likes.

Eco-friendly mailer boxes:

These mailer boxes are produce with environmental concerns in mind.

Besides these, there are several types of custom mailer boxes as well. These include rigid mailers, padded mailers, tuck-top mailers, etc. If you are creative enough, you can develop a special kind of mailer box to suit your particular requirements. Fast Custom Boxes are uniquely place to meet your custom mailer box requirements. They provide high quality, quick and free shipping, free samples and 3D mockups, and strict quality control. You can rely on them for your customized box requirements.

Why use custom mailer boxes?

Custom mailer boxes offer several advantages, which is why they are so popular in the logistics industry. Some of the chief benefits that you can derive through them are;

They are incredibly lightweight:

The material for mailer boxes is very lightweight, making them easy to carry and dispatch. It is advantageous for the end-user as well. They do not have to pay for the high packaging costs. Even the multiple-layered corrugated mailers are lightweight, which speaks volumes about their utility.

They offer ample space for labeling:

Custom mailer boxes have sufficient spaces for companies to print anything they like. They can go for beautiful graphics, logos, product information, and other details. It provides an opportunity to promote your products as well.

Custom mailer boxes are highly affordable:

Usually, mailer boxes are very economically-price. Their material is readily available, and they are also very simple to mass-produce. These qualities make them a very attractive bargain for customers everywhere.

They are effortless to customize:

Another significant advantage of mailers is the high customization they offer to the clients. You can get them produce in every shape, size, and of any material that you like. As we have explained above, in the luxury mailer box type. There are also endless possibilities of adorning and stylizing them. Any good manufacturer (like Fast Custom Boxes) can do so easily with no extra costs.

Save yourself the additional cost of packaging:

The end-user need not pack the item in additional packing  sheets with  mailer boxes. Customized mailer boxes are usually good enough for gifting purposes. It will save you additional costs of packing.

Safety of the goods involved:

One of the main reasons for packing custom candle boxes any product is to save it from accidental damage or mishandling. Custom mailer boxes, thankfully, do not disappoint on this front either. They provide every bit of support the item needs to withstand malicious tampering and mistreatment.


So, that was all about custom mailer boxes and their distinct features, types, and advantages. We hope you now understand why they are so popular and the top choice among customers for shipping their goods.


Faizan Faizan

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