5 Types Of Custom Packaging Laminations And Their Benefits

Custom Packaging Laminations
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Lamination is an important finishing technique when it comes to improving the shine of the boxes. Many external factors decrease the overall quality of the boxes. Dust particles and grease can reduce the excellent quality of the packaging. When your products are present in the boxes, you need to protect them. This can be easily achieved by using finishing techniques. The layers of lamination are transparent, and you can easily impress your audience. Manufacturers know that there are different kinds of packages. This is why they have kept the options for laminations open. Following are the top 5 types of laminations available for packaging and their benefits.

1. Matte Lamination: 

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The process of lamination revolves around increasing the durability of the boxes by making a coat on the packaging. This step is usually applied when the printing of the packaging is done. It is important to laminate the boxes to protect the printing details. When talking about matte lamination, it involves the application of a coat on the packaging that does not reflect light. It gives a smooth and soft touch to the boxes. The look of the packaging will become natural and soft after the application of this lamination. This will help in making the details printed on the boxes readable. It also has the benefit of keeping the intensity of colors of the boxes minimal.

Customers don’t like packaging that gives a sharp or tough look. Custom packaging with matte lamination improves the subtle effect of your brand. The texture of your packaging will feel velvety when you will use this packaging. You will notice that customers will turn their heads around your products because of this factor. Experts recommend using this lamination if you are looking for an elegant and smooth finish. Another benefit of using this lamination is that it helps in balancing the darker contrast colors. This lamination also helps in giving extra strength to your boxes. If you want the printed prices tags to get scratched easily, you can go with this lamination. Less glare as compared to the other laminations is easily achieved on these boxes with the help of matte lamination.

2.  Gloss Lamination:

This lamination is famous for enhancing the overall effect of the boxes. When it comes to gloss lamination, you can easily get a shinier look. This shiner and smooth surface will help in achieving vibrant packaging. You can easily use color models such as CMYK and PMS for these boxes. The presence of gloss lamination will enhance the texture. Companies use this lamination to make their customers go wow. If you ask for a recommendation, this lamination is the one that is most recommended. Brands usually prefer packaging that reflects light.

This factor increases the interest of customers and helps your business in getting better sales. When boxes are handled during their transportation from one place to another, they can be easily ruined. The presence of stains can reduce the quality of your products. When customers notice that a brand is selling packaging with stains on it, they think low of your brand. To avoid this situation, you must use this lamination. This lamination has the benefit of providing an extra protective layer against external factors. Even if any stain gets on this packaging, you can easily wipe it. You can be the best brand in the market if you use this lamination on boxes.

3.  Spot UV: 

This lamination is usually available for business cards and vouchers. With the help of this lamination, you can easily provide an eye-catching look to these boxes. A shiny and clear coating is the property of this lamination. When brands are looking for a luxury appearance for their packages, they choose this packaging. This lamination can be easily applied to any part of the box. You can also decide to apply it all over the packaging or only to a Spot. The extraordinary appearance of the boxes is dependent on this packaging.

Most of the time, this lamination is used for a specific part of the packaging to impress customers. This also helps the companies in creating an amazing outlook for the specific element on the boxes and gives an exceptional identity to the rest of the design. The logic behind using this lamination is that you can easily highlight your packaging in the market. There is the involvement of thick UV varnish in this lamination, and it will give a better representation to your products. Many brands like to pair this lamination with matte lamination to gain extraordinary results.

4.  Smudge-Free Lamination: 

It is one of the most common and liked lamination in the market. The benefit of using this lamination is that you can easily provide stain-free packaging to your customers. When customers are searching for products, they notice the appearance of the boxes. It helps in giving an impression about the high-quality of the boxes. When you are not applying this lamination, your packaging will appear with stains and finger smudges. This can decrease the demand for your products in the market. Scuff marks and fingerprints on these boxes will not affect the quality of the products because of this lamination. With the help of this lamination, you can win the hearts of your customers. The newness of the boxes and their transparent outlook will attract potential buyers. Experts recommend using this lamination to provide an amazing and distinctive appearance to these boxes.

5.  Soft-Touch Lamination: 

This type of lamination is also famous for providing an excellent result for packages. Soft-touch lamination includes the coating of the lamination of boxes to enhance durability. It will improve the overall softness of the boxes. When present on the shelves, these boxes are vulnerable to stains and attacks of external factors. With the help of soft-touch lamination, the typographic details on these boxes become highlighted.

For improving the appearance of the packaging, lamination helps in providing you with excellent quality. There are different types of laminations available for this packaging. Matte lamination increases the readability of the printed details. Gloss lamination provides packaging that reflects lights and grabs the attention of the customers. Soft-touch lamination and smudge-free lamination are also the perfect way to make your boxes resistant to stains.

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