Things you should know about different materials available for custom vape cartridge boxes

Custom vape cartridge boxes
Custom vape cartridge boxes

Vape has become an item of interest for youth worldwide. It is supposedly less harmful than regular cigarettes, which is the primary reason behind its popularity. Vape packaging is also an integral part of the vape experience. Custom vape cartridge boxes enhance the product’s overall appeal and make them more saleable. This article will look at different materials available for creating custom vape cartridge boxes. We shall throw light at them and reveal their several characteristics. And also highlight their benefits. We will also see how you can utilize the material better to make more appealing custom boxes.

Essential features of custom vape cartridge boxes:

We will now discuss different elements of custom vape cartridge boxes that are as follows.

Custom vape cartridge boxes
Custom vape cartridge boxes

They are durable and robust:

Of the different materials available for custom vape cartridge boxes, the following are more popular;
Cardboard material
Kraft sheet
Rigid material
Corrugated material
Let’s discuss them in brief.

Cardboard material: It is the most popular among all the materials available for producing custom soap boxes. Due to its economical price, widespread availability, and premium quality, it is in demand and almost the first choice for making packages. It is also easily moldable, so you can make them different shapes.

Kraft sheet: It is organic material made of biodegradable elements. It gives the boxes a unique look and inspires the buyers. Environmental issues are plaguing our planet, so you message the public that you care about our world when you use this material. It is a marketing stunt, but at the same time, you will contribute to a greener earth.

Rigid material: As the name suggests, it is a solid material that lasts longer than standard materials. It is used where the manufacturer wants a rigid box for its vape cartridge. Suppose the vaping package has to travel long distances or offshore destinations, then this material would be ideal. It will fully protect the vape and ensure that no damage is done.

Corrugated material: It is made of layered sheets of cardboard, but they are put together differently. A wavy sheet is positioned between two plain cardboard sheets to increase the material’s overall strength. The wavy sheet is placed between the plain sheets as its design and structure can withstand shocks and impacts and, in the process, secures the product.
Plastic: It is another choice of material for custom vape boxes. Understandably, plastic is costlier than the options mentioned above but at the same time is also more durable. It will also give a premium look to the product. If you want a high-end, upscale box, then you can consider plastic as an option.

Why do you need strong material for vape cartridge boxes?

All the materials discussed above are solid in character and strength. These are ideal for packaging vapes because vaping is a delicate item. It needs protection from jolts and shocks. Plus, extreme weather can also impact its performance. There are tiny mechanical parts used in the cartridge that needs protection.
Vape liquids also need security. If it is not adequately secured, it can spill and spoil the package and damage itself. For all these reasons, you need strong material to produce boxes that can carry the product safely over long distances without any damage.

How do you produce vape-friendly boxes?

Having appropriate material is the first step to ensure the safety of vape products. But, it is not enough. You must do more so that there are almost zero chances of damage to the product.
Use custom inserts: Inserts are beneficial in securing the product. It gives a snuggle fit to the product. For vapes, you need such kind of an arrangement. Plus, inserts also add to the box’s elegance. The user also finds it impressive.

Paddings and soft-touch material: You can also use paddings and other soft material inside the box’s lining. You can also make padded inserts. The purpose of padding is to keep the product safe as much as you can. The soft material can absorb shocks, and the product will be safe in the process.

Laminate the boxes: Lamination is more than just a way to add shine to the box. It also gives it protection. The package will remain safe from accidental water exposure, excess heat, and other such mishaps. Lamination also makes the box look beautiful. Printed laminations are now available, too, adding further grace to the custom box.

Making the vape box stand out in the crowd:

To make a vape box unique and attractive, there are now several add-on printing features that you employ. These techniques will make the box appealing and its typography more significant. We list them down;
Embossed or debossed text
UV spot printing
Glossy or matte coating
Gold, silver, or copper stamp foiling
You can use these techniques in combination for maximum effect.
Choose the custom box maker wisely:

To make your custom vape cartridge boxes that fulfill all the above requirements, you need the services of a reliable manufacturer, and Fast Custom Boxes is one such company. It comprises hard-working professionals who know their job inside out. They will provide you with every bit of guidance that you require. It would help if you considered it for your custom boxes with a highly competitive price level, fastest turnaround, and worldwide shipping.


That sums up our topic on the different materials you can use for custom vape boxes, their characteristics, and how you can utilize them effectively. There is so much that you can do with customized packages, and they help you deliver the products safely and promote your brand name.

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