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Cybercrime in Pakistan:

Cybercrime in Pakistan is a new form of crime that has become prominent in recent years. It is much easier to commit a cybercrime than a physical one, as the only thing required is an internet connection. Cybercrimes can be committed from any part of the world, but due to their anonymity and the fact that they are difficult to trace back to their perpetrators, there are very few arrests made for this crime.

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Online Activity:

Cybercrime has become an issue of increasing importance as technology advances and online activity continues to grow. The internet is now a major communication channel, with companies and individuals increasingly reliant on email, social media, mobile devices and cloud-based software for business. The public are also using the internet to access financial services, travel plans and other information.

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AdvocateinLahore is a blog designed to help you stay informed about cyber-crime in Pakistan. Here you will find information on all the latest updates regarding cyber-crimes as well as articles on how to stay protected against all kinds of online threats, including phishing scams, identity theft, and more.

The main motivation of AdvocateinLahore is to fight against the cybercrime in Pakistan. We would like to inform and educate people how they can protect themselves from falling victim to phishing, social engineering, malware, ransomware and other attacks.

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What is Main Causes of Cyber Crime in Pakistan?

Cyber Criminals are always in search of more vulnerabilities and innovative ways to launch an attack. The main reason behind such a serious issue is the lack of Public Awareness about the Cyber Crime.  Cyber Crimes are basically categorized into two: White Hat and Black Hat. White Hat is basically cracked down on the back of a crime to protect the corporation from a serious threat. 

Black Hat is basically a fine line between two personalities, one is a criminal and second is a good guy. Black Hat hackers actually work for the government or many times they make their own security agencies to provide security to their industries. When the Black Hats hack, the Network Administrators sit up and take notice and tries to protect their network. But White Hat Hackers finds a way to protect without being noticed.

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