Cyber Monday VPN Deals

 Cyber Monday has also grown in popularity with the rise in online shopping .As Wikipedia explains this is a relatively new phenomenon. Cyber Monday is a marketing term for the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. It was created by retailers to encourage people to shop online .The term was coined by Elien Davis of the National retail Federation and Scott Silvermann and made it debut on November 28,2005 , in a shop .org press release entitled “Cyber Monday”Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest  Online Shopping Days if Thanksgiving is on November27 or 28th,it will fall in December .While it may have started out as a marketing gimmick ,Cyber Monday sales are now over $ 6.5 billion according to Wikipedia .

Of Course , this guide does not list every single Cyber Monday VPN Deals Available around the world .There are many other popular VPN  services that appear to offer Cyber Monday deals . Take IP Vanish for example.This VPN is based in the US and is also offering a Black Friday deal.We do not recommend it , however since the IPVanish logging case transpired a few years back.

Another popular service is CyberGhost ,Unfortunately ,our test for the CyberGhost review identified many problems – so we cannot recommended this VPN at this time .There are so many VPNs that do not offer discounts or deals on Black Friday .Mullvad is one of the best VPN according to Reddit , but it has a very rigid pricing system will no deals or discounts . Right now we also see Private Internet Access offering discounts .However , it also does not perform well in the NordVPN vs PIA comparison .

Another option  Is VPN which is based in Gibraltar .However this VPN is also quite expensive and does not do much in terms of Cyber Monday discount .

Cyber Monday as good as Black Friday 

Cyber Monday is just as good as Black Friday with VPNs because it will be the same. In others words ,VPN runs a combined Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals which lasts from sometime in November through Cyber Monday .This is somewhat interesting given that Cyber Monday started out as an American phenomena .However we see this , sales trend continues to gain popularity around the world I do not see the same scope of VPN discounts and coupons at any other time in the year .Simply put, you can get the best savings around the Cyber Monday .While many VPNs participate inCyber Monday .others do not .One example of this is the perfect Privacy ,which never seems to change its prices for any reason or at that time .


If you are looking for the absolute best time of the year to purchase a VPN subscription then the time is Cyber Monday. .This short window of time always offers the best VPN deals and discounts .This guide was last updated on November 27,2007 with new information on Cyber Monday deals.

Amelia Noah

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