Data Migration Challenges & how to overcome them with COMnet

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The cloud is one of the most in-demand and active technologies today. It has transformed traditional business models and allowed new workplace capabilities like collaborative learning and AI as a service. Cloud migration has become a matter of how, not if, for most businesses.

If you want your business to be innovative, adaptable, and cost-effective, cloud computing is the solution, and COMnet offers you with best-in-class services to ease the process of data migration in cloud computing. To swiftly deploy apps and infrastructure, you can leverage IAAS (infrastructure as a service), PAAS (platform as a service), or our SAAS (software as a service). And incase of any unexpected problems, you can always rely on COMnet’s business continuity and disaster recovery plans and systems.

Data migration issues in cloud computing are multifaceted problems. While it may appear intimidating at first, proper planning will assist ensure a seamless move. In this article, we will go through the main obstacles to consider as your corporation prepares for the big move.

Major cloud migration challenges

COMnet provides comprehensive assistance to all the clients to overcome obstacles in moving workloads and resolving areas that are not completely optimized by playing a role of designing and delivering new cloud environments for a broad spectrum of customers. The following are the most common cloud migration challenges

  • Absence of a well-defined strategy based on business goals
  • Lack of awareness of the entire spectrum of cloud infrastructures leading to cloud sprawl.
  • Overspending the allocated funds
  • Security flaws and major service outages
  • Human mistake and a lack of expertise necessary to manage the new infrastructure 

However, the good news is that none of these problems are unsolvable. 


Design a cloud migration plan

The most common error that might hinder you from fully reaping the benefits of the cloud is failing to have a defined business purpose or a well-planned migration plan. Sometimes managers approach us after they have already done a significant amount of effort on relocation. 

Beginning with strategy guarantees that you can handle the shift quickly and prevent analysis paralysis later on.This is especially crucial given the numerous options available, ranging from private, public, or hybrid cloud architecture to hyper converged infrastructure as a service, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Preparing each phase of the migration from the beginning offers you guidance to make the appropriate decisions to reach your goal and avoids excessive spending.

Take control of the various stages of cloud migration

Another major difficulty with cloud migration is cloud sprawl because of which your business will be unable to acquire total centralized visibility and control over all of its cloud infrastructure elements. It is challenging to have full responsibility for the resources in use if your firm is juggling several cloud instances, services, or even providers. There are several precautions you may take to avoid this problem and create unified administration of all cloud services.

Before the migration, the first step is to undertake an IT function audit. This is required to understand the present roles and business processes, as well as how your company will appear following the migration.

After you’ve broken through the barriers between different service groups within your business and secured complete accountability, the next step is to keep this clear picture throughout the cloud migration process.

Costs associated with Cloud migration 

Cloud sprawl is frequently associated with going over your initial budget: cloud instances continue to appear without a clear, planned cause, and expenses begin to spiral out of control. To keep your cloud expenditure under control, track these costs from the start and allocate them to relevant cost centers inside your firm. Monitoring your expenses and performance on a regular basis is critical for determining the ROI of the cloud migration and determining the success of the migration process.

Concerns about cloud security

Some major cloud migration challenges that must be addressed include privacy and availability concerns. To minimize security vulnerabilities or downtime during the transition, with COMnet you will be ensured that your IT department has an in-house DevOps engineer with cloud security knowledge.

  • Security measures should be built into DevOps processes and should include the following:
  • Configuring security settings in cloud instances
  • Security process automation
  • Creating mechanisms for continual monitoring

There are two key issues about infrastructure availability: availability at the component level (a single component or microservice might fail separately) and availability at the architecture level (failure of the entire environment). When you go into the cloud, you must plan for redundancy and availability in the most crucial components.

Training staff members about cloud solutions

One of the most frequently stated cloud migration failures is a lack of staff training, rather than a lack of costs or safety concerns. You should be aware that structuring IT services in the cloud differs significantly from on-premises procedures such as DevOps, Infrastructure as a Code, and automation technologies.

Ascertain that all of your employees are on the same page and have the necessary skills, expertise, and understanding to run the new infrastructure. The finest cloud service providers give group training sessions or video lessons.


Cloud migration is not just a challenge, but also a chance to improve the agility and innovation of existing business operations. You must examine all infrastructure components, business processes, and in-house expertise at your disposal and build a strategy that satisfies all of your firm’s cloud migration expectations.

We, at COMnet can partner with you to find, evaluate and quantify all the critical factors that can provide organizational flexibility. As you focus on business performance, our multi-skilled team controls your IT operations from start to finish. Intent-driven IT, automation, smart rack solutions, next-generation technology enablement, tool-based service delivery, and operational excellence continue to be our major priorities. COMnet can assist you in developing and implementing a cloud migration plan. So if you are ready to make the change, contact us now.

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