Data science training online: What to expect?

Data Science
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Data science has become an inseparable part of modern business management. It is a tool that empowers managers and directors to make calculated and confident decisions. Until recently, taking a data science course for employed personnel meant taking unpaid leaves for extended periods. But with online data courses, people can now do a data science course while keeping their current job. This has led to the increasing popularity of online data science courses. But why should anyone take on a data science course?

Importance of data science

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Data science is the study of data. Data analysts will go through large data sets, searching for meaningful insights that will lead the company forward. The insights are an effective way of understanding and visualizing the data.

The data analyst will go through the data in a structured manner. First, they will look to answer a rudimentary question. What happened? Knowing what happened in a set period will give the company a performance report and a benchmark to target. This is done by tracking and analyzing the key performance indicators of a business. This form of analysis is known as descriptive analysis.

Then they will try to answer why something happened. For this step, the data analyst will try to find correlations between actions and their effect on data. This is crucial information for any company. Answers to the question will help the company assess what actions went in their favour and what worked against them. This form of analysis is known as diagnostic analysis.

The next step in the analysis process is predictive analysis. It looks to answer the question, what will happen next? Analysts will use modern a.i technology such as machine learning and deep learning to find the answer. It is one of the harder forms of data analysis, and for gathering accurate knowledge, the analyst will have to use large data sets. The insights generated from the predictive analysis will help the company brace for adverse situations.

The last step in the process is prescriptive analysis. It is the hardest form of analysis. In it, the data analyst will try to find answers to the question, what should the company do in future? For this form of analysis, high computational power and know-how of deep learning are required. Prescriptive analysis helps a company increase their operational efficiency.

Why an online data science course?

Online data science courses are cheaper and extend the opportunity for much employed personnel. Institutions offer a mix of online and offline classes. Usually, offline classes are held on weekends. They will also offer online courses where students won’t have to attend even a single physical class. An online data science course can be completed within four-five months, and it will cost anywhere between 30000-50000 Rs depending on the location and course type. The completely online course will be cheaper by at least 10000 Rs.

What should one expect from data science training online?

A data science training online will teach everything about data science from start to finish in a manner that is understandable and usable by even complete beginners.

The data science course will have

  • In the data science course, students will be taught about the history and importance of data science. The lessons will go over the basics of data science. It is especially important for complete beginners.
  • It will have classes in excel, SQL and tableau for structuring and visualizing the data.
  • Data science courses will also include classes on a programming language. Most institutes will choose python because it is comparatively easy to learn and has abundant free resources.
  • The data science course will teach the basics of a.i technologies, such as machine learning and deep learning. Machine learning and deep learning is used extensively in data analytics.
  • It will have an industry-oriented structure for teaching the practical use of data science methods.

How to find a good online data science course?

Due to the increased popularity of data science courses, new institutions are popping out of nowhere. Yet one needs to find a suitable course, and there is no shortage of bad course offerings.

A good data science course will have these points covered.

  • It will have an experienced faculty.
  • It will teach the basics.
  • The data science course will be priced reasonably.
  • It will have an industry-aligned structure, and most classes will be focused on practical applications rather than theoretical aspects.


In this rapidly changing world where people are losing jobs here and there, making yourself an irreplaceable asset can be a deciding factor. Learning data science will open up vast opportunities for anyone, and they will become capable of helping their company in many ways.

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