Day-wise itinerary of Kedarkantha trek

Camping at Kedarkantha Banbanjara


Kedarkantha trek is one of the majestic treks which offers breathtaking views for all the daredevils who visit here. This is a trek situated in the Uttarakhand region. You will require at least a 5 to 6 days tour for completing this trek. This is a trek that has a great connection with lord Shiva. 

On day 1, 

You will be starting your journey from your hometown, and you will come to Dehradun. Your destination will be Sankri from Dehradun. To reach Sankri, you need to travel a distance of 200 km, which may take approximately 10 hours to drive. Because of the presence of the villages, forests, rivers, and all the other natural beauty things, this place will provide you with a mesmerizing experience. You can stay overnight in Sankri since there are a lot of homestays available here. You will be so lucky as you are getting an opportunity to taste the good quality food that this place offers you.

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On day 2, 

From Sankri you need to travel to the Kedarkantha base camp. You will be passing through the Juda Ka Talab which lies in between. This is a trek having approximately 8 km for trekking, that is it may take 8 hours to trek. The presence of the villages, wood houses, flora, and fauna which are found in the Himalayan regions, the bridges present there, etc. acts as ornaments that enhance more beauty of that place. You will be so mesmerized to see the Oak, Deodar, and Birch trees which are present there as forests. During the wintertime, if you are planning to visit here then you will be so overwhelmed by just seeing the frozen plains. If required, you can take instructors with you for completing your journey. 

Also, you may be interested in delving deep into the culture and rituals of the people living there. Swargarohini peak is another attraction that is visible from this particular point. If you are interested in gliding and walking above the ice-covered area, that is, the ice formed on the top of the lakes, then you can do that as well. You will be staying in the Kedarkantha base camp during the nighttime. The milky way is something that you can see from this point at nighttime which will provide you with great visuals. 

On day 3, 

From Kedarkantha base camp you need to travel to the summit and return. This is a 7-hour journey in which you need to cover at least 3 km by trekking. You will be able to see the 360-degree views of the panoramic mountain ranges which are present near the Kedarkantha peak. The majestic peaks along with the serene meadows appear to be so mesmerizing for you all. Since this place has some connections with Lord Shiva, there is a temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvathi. There is a neighboring temple that is solely dedicated to Lord Ganesha as well. You will be able to find the Gangotri and Yamunotri ranges, Har Ki Dun, Rupin ranges, etc. from the summit along with the Swargharohini ranges, Black peak, etc. You will receive some resting time at the summit as well. As mentioned earlier, if you are planning to visit here during the wintertime, you need to encounter the snow which will make the area completely frozen. Certain huts will provide the refreshments that you need. 

On day 4, 

From the Kedarkantha base camp, you need to travel back to Sankri which will require 7 hours of travel for this 7 km trek. You will be so mesmerized to travel through the pine forest along the Har Ki Dun valley. Sunrise is yet another thing that one should not miss while being here. All the streams and brooks which are present here will be completely frozen and you will be so astonished to see that. You can also delve deep into the villages present there and explore every part of the village as well. You can arrange your stay at Sankri. 

On the last day, 

Which is day 5, you will be returning from Sankri to Dehradun which may take 10 hours, which means you need to cover approximately 200 km. You need to travel through the Tons River, Purola village, etc. and you will be returning to Dehradun through Mussoorie. Driving will be a great experience if you are a daredevil who loves adventurous road driving. You will be back in your hometown with tons of memories.

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