Death of Traditional Finance: What Caused it and where We Are Headed Now?

Dencentralized Finance
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Last updated on December 24th, 2022 at 02:06 pm

The ills of traditional finance have caused endless issues, that are many and insurmountable. To make the system go smoothly we do not have a solid solution for problems linked to traditional finance. But we cannot ignore that necessity is the mother of invention. The 2008 recession and utter economic meltdown gave birth to decentralized finance. Before Defi, the banking system showed many loopholes. From lending to investing, the many checkups went down the drain. To simplify the processes, the invention of Bitcoin, by a shadowy figure named as Satoshi Nakamoto, gave a central solution. Bitcoin came with censorship, ownership, and decentralization. Where traditional banks and financial institutions were facing the wreckage caused by the economic recession. Bitcoin became the pioneer for the coming waves of altcoins and other digital currencies.

Is Traditional Finance Dead?

We cannot be sure about this as traditional finance and its affiliated models are slowly dying. The world knows the importance of financial revamping and makeovers. And decentralized finance is the best solution in hand. But it is slowly dying due to some serious reasons. And the world is now shifting towards Defi and a narrative economy. After 2008, economic recession, digital currencies took momentum and pace. With leaps and bounds, the crypto economy is now surviving in full swing. And we are hopeful to see the diversity in shape and make the economy attached to a decentralized economy.

Putting our Trust in Decentralized Finance (Defi)

The replacement for TradFi is Defi, and we cannot ignore the handful of benefits associated with it. Defi promises a revolution by bringing open, transparent, and secure financial systems. Decentralized finance works on the strong pivots of blockchain and works as the greatest financial tool.

Decentralized Finance (Defi)

Defi is different from the usual TradFi and offers comprehensive solutions. Transparency and permissionless systems are backed by trillions of transactions taking place within seconds. The bigger the network is we are more acclimatized to the countless transactions. Due to its formation as a transparent and unregulated structure, no government can manipulate it. Therefore, your privacy and identity is masked as you like. Data and privacy security are its main columns. Decentralized finance is owned and controlled by people, verily the commoners.

Basics of Traditional Finance

Traditional finance is a branch of finance that deals with the analysis and management of money, investments, and other financial instruments. It includes research on financial markets, financial institutions, and the development and administration of financial goods. The time value of money, risk and return, diversification, and the efficient market hypothesis are some fundamental concepts in traditional finance. Banking, accounting, and economics are often linked to traditional finance.

Basics of Traditional Finance

Traditional finance is not something we can completely abandon. As the concepts of decentralized finance are derived from the latter. Cryptocurrency is a novel field if we compare the two, although the backend technology makes it more outstanding. Now the world and financial models are curated around individual concepts for financial traditional models. Whereas a collision of both can be a momentous step forward. We are now keener to use traditional step models in the Defi space. Therefore, crypto investors cannot excel if they are not familiar with traditional finance concepts and basics.

Limitations of TradFi

CeFi intermediaries and institutions promise to keep the funds safer with them. But in Defi, the ownership and safekeeping will stay with the users and traders. Most of the crypto exchanges are now working on safekeeping the users’ funds with their own wallets. Whereas the Defi world also offers personal wallets to keep your digital assets. They come with secret phrases and keys to safe keep your asset.

Keeping up the pace with Defi

The world of Defi does not offer intermediaries such as banks and agencies to receive and transfer your funds. But smart contracts offer intermediary services for making each transaction safe with smart contracts. Your money and transactions are backed up with the help of smart contracts that are important to Defi transactions.


Another extra advantage associated with the Defi is ramping off. By ramping off we mean conversion into fiat currencies. This makes it more lucrative for traders. To trade in different pairs, traders can buy any currency with the help of stablecoins. Stable coins are backed up by dollars to create homogeneity in the trading activity.

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