Debunking The Myths Of Laser Hair Removal Near Me

The presence of hair on your body is perfectly normal. Men usually have it more, but women can experience bodily hair problems too due to hormonal disorders. It can also be genetic. However, thick body hair can make people uncomfortable, especially if they want to obtain smooth, supple skin. Today, it’s possible to achieve smooth and flawless skin with laser hair removal near me.

Then again, the world of laser-based hair removal isn’t devoid of myths and misconceptions. They prevent many people from resorting to this procedure. If you’re one of them, this write-up is a must-read for you. Here you’ll learn about some of those myths and know why they are entirely baseless.

Growth and re-growth

Some people believe that laser hair removal tends to increase the growth of ingrown hair. It happens most after shaving or waxing, but not after laser therapy. The process targets the hair follicles effectively and removes them directly from the roots. The heat created by the laser destroys the hair bulb, and as a result, it doesn’t grow back. Rest assured, you’ll get long-lasting results.

Here’s another myth that’s somewhat similar to the previous one. In reality, laser hair removal near me treatment gives you hair-free skin by targeting the hair follicles in the anagen phase of the cycle of hair growth. Understandably, it reduces the amount of hair growth. The best thing about this treatment is that the thickness of each strand reduces with every session you undergo.

Skin tones and sessions

It’s just a myth that you can achieve the skin of your dreams with just one session. Unfortunately, it’s just a myth. You may want to believe it, but if you expect the best results, you need at least six sessions. After that, you’ll achieve incomparably smooth, hair-free skin. Myths are almost always baseless, but the next one probably crosses all limits of groundlessness.

So, what does this misconception incorporate? Some people believe that laser hair removal near me doesn’t work on dark skin. Laser hair removal strategies work on every skin type, whether brown or fair. Dermatologists overseeing your case will adjust the laser light tech according to your skin and hair type, remove hair effectively, and give you the gift of smooth, hair-free skin.

The pain factor

Have you tried waxing? If you did, you know how painful it can be. Once you try laser hair removal, you won’t experience any pain. While treating you, skin specialists will apply a numbing cream and cooling gel on the surface they will treat. These two things reduce all discomfort. After that, laser treatment will feel as if someone is snapping a rubber band on your skin; nothing more.

However, if you hear people say that the technique of laser hair removal near me causes burns on the skin, it can be true. Just don’t let this statement scare you, as such instances are few and far between. Even if it happens to you, your dermatologist will provide medications that you’ll use both before and after treatment.

Another myth

This topic will conclude by debunking one last myth – laser-based hair removal strategies are costlier than waxing. Yes, it’s true. However, you need to look at it differently. The investment is much less when you resort to lasers with a permanent reduction compared to the expenses associated with temporary techniques like waxing.

According to experts, women spend nearly Rs. 240,000/- over twenty years only to wax their underarms. On the other hand, one session of laser hair removal to get rid of armpit hair costs around Rs. 14,000/-. Of course, the price depends on the service provider.

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