December birth flower: Which tattoo is best?

December birth flower: Which tattoo is best?

As with your birthstone and the sign that is associated with the Zodiac. do you realize that you also have birth-related flowers according to the month that was the month you were born? The two are flowers of birth that are most often associated with the month of December.


The holly is a relatively unnoticeable flower, which is why it could be called the December birthberry! The delicately perfumed flowers bloom in the spring months and attract butterflies and bees. To make things more complicated it’s true that they’re not actually fruits, but rather drupes. If that wasn’t difficult enough, the holy berry’s Latin title is Ilex which means evergreen oak. This is probably due to the fact that people thought that the leaves resembled the ones of oak.

It’s a highly adaptable plant that is native to many parts of the world and lives in conditions ranging from temperate to tropical. The most common species you’ll observe growing throughout the UK and is used for festive decorations for the Christmas season is Ilex Aquifolium, also known as the typical, English, or European holiday holly.

As December’s birth flower (or drupe, or berry, or whatever you wish to name it) the holly is filled with symbolism. In Christianity the berries were believed to have been white, however, they were stained red by the blood of Christ The spiky leaves symbolized that of the crown of thorns. Nowadays, they are believed to be a symbol of happiness and hope.

Narcissus (paperwhite)

The species that are cultivated by paperwhites include, such as Narcissus papyraceous N. tazetta and N. canaliculitis. They are native to the east of the Mediterranean. This is why they can’t be grown outdoors in the UK however, unless in extremely southern or sheltered areas. However, they’re easy to bring into the indoor space, and you’ll get a fantastic scent that fills your home with fragrance, and tiny thin, paper-thin flowers. There’s a little-known fact: Researchers at Cornell University found that a shot of vodka or gin in water prevents the paperwhites from falling as they get higher!

Paperwhites are the flower of birth in December. They symbolize purity, sweetness, and simplicity.

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