Delicious Maida Recipes you could make at home

On occasion, posts on social media sites urge users to cut back on their “Maida” consumption. It is true that this flour has fewer proteins than some others, but that does not make it unhealthy. This flour has no harmful side effects on your health if you consume it in moderation. It is now very difficult for an Indian to stop using maida. Most of the Indian food that we enjoy today is prepared with maida. It is a given that at least two of the ingredients in any snack, whether it be a tasty plate of street food from a street vendor or a delicious home-cooked snack, will be made of maida. Let’s See some of the recipes:

1. Kulcha

There is no way that you could not be aware of what a Kulcha is if you are in India. Kulcha is generally made up of Maida & if you use Ganesh maida, it will add extra flavors in it. If you’re not in the mood to make the famous Amritsari Chole, you can simply serve it with curd or pickles as the ideal breakfast, lunch, or dinner dish. Making a Kulcha is wonderful because you can stuff it with whatever you like. If you prefer the flavor, you could use potato, onion, or cottage cheese (paneer). Ganesh Maida flour makes it simple to make Kulcha and enables you to create soft yet crispy Kulchas. To make soft dough for the kulcha, all you need is maida, curd, sugar, baking powder, oil, and water. After you give it two hours to rest,With the aid of a rolling pin, you can flatten the bread and cook it over low heat on a griddle. You’ll have a batch of Kulchas that are both soft and crisply cooked.

2. Sweet Puran Poli

Puran Poli is the dessert you should be making, whether it’s a special occasion or just a simple sweet craving. Typically, Chana dal or Bengal gramme, cardamom powder, and sugar are used as the stuffing in this Poli. You’ll need Ganesh maida flour, ghee, and salt to make the dough, which will also improve the flavor. The only step in the preparation of puran poli that requires time is boiling the dal. This sweet dish is made in various variations and is known by various names all over India. It is unquestionably delicious and can be consumed either warm or cold. When eaten with Kheer, another milk-based sweet dish, this straightforward dessert Poli makes for a delicious meal.

3. Loochi or Bhature

You guys are probably looking at the picture and saying, “This looks exactly like a plate of pooris.” Of course, this is comparable to a poori, but it is made with maida flour. States like Assam, West Bengal, Orissa, and Bangladesh also eat this flatbread as their standard breakfast item. All you need to make a luchi is Ganesh maida, salt, ghee, and water. The dough can be kneaded and deep-fried to create the ideal little Luchis. They go well with any vegetable gravy and curry, and kids frequently enjoy eating this dish plain, without any additional condiments.

4. Uttapam
A delicious South Indian dish called uttapam, also spelled UTTAPA, resembles a dosa. Ganesh Sooji and besan are used in its preparation, and the toppings are cooked right into the batter. It is a simple and nutritious option for breakfast.

5. Sooji Idli
Another traditional South Indian dish, known for its mouthwatering flavor and tender texture. One of the most well-liked dishes on a South Indian platter is SOOJI IDLI. If you use Ganesh sooji in the making process, it will increase the taste 100 times. Add a tasty coconut chutney and a steaming bowl of sambhar to the hot idlis to enhance their flavor.

6. Maida Dosa

We’ve all had a plain rice dosa, but by experimenting in the kitchen, you can create a crunchy Ganesh Maida dosa. It is similar to an instant dosa batter in that you can prepare a delicious meal by simply combining Maida flour and water before pouring it over a griddle. You can always add ingredients like green chilies, diced onions, or coriander leaves to help it complement your dosa if you want to experiment with flavors. Since everyone is aware that dosa isn’t just a breakfast food, even a Maida dosa can be enjoyed as a filling dinner dish.

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