Desert Safari Dubai: An Unusual Experience like None Other

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The Desert Safari Dubai is part of an unspoiled area where the old-world charm is still there and manages its beauty perfectly. This unique part of the country is an essential part of the culture, history, and traditions of the fascinating Emirates. 

Various kinds of desert safaris

Morning desert safari

Who doesn’t like waking up in the morning? They’re also a thing of beauty across the region. This is a great way to view the desert early in the morning while having a lot of fun and excitement. Take a sunrise Luxury desert safari to see the light spread over the giant, rolling sand dunes up close.

Evening desert safari

A complete barbeque dinner prepared to perfection, falconry performances, smoking a Sheesha, and traditional Emirati cultural acts are included in evening desert safaris. You’ll be able to take it all in as the sun sets over the awe-inspiring desert in all its glory.

Overnight desert safari

Enjoy the beauty and grandeur of Dubai’s desert at night. You can enjoy many desert-themed activities at this desert resort, a delicious lunch, traditional entertainment, and a quiet stay under the Arabian desert sky. The best thing about this choice is that you can watch the sun set and rise over the desert.

Dinner in the desert

In this case, you can see the natural beauty of the desert without having to do any of the great safari activities. With this, you can eat delicious food and do things that remind you of the old Bedouin culture and traditions of this desert area.

Red dune safari

In Dubai, there are different kinds of desert safaris you can go on. You can take a red dune safari deep into the desert to get to the red dunes in the Lahbab area. It stands out that it surrounds by so much natural beauty. The whole place feels like a beautiful painting that has come to life.

How does a standard desert safari work?

An adventure in the desert is a beautiful blend of thrilling activities, fascinating cultural encounters, and mouth-watering cuisine and drink. Depending on which desert safari you choose, you can expect to do the following on your most-anticipated trip to the desert.

Dune Bashing on Sand Dunes

This is what makes a desert safari the most exciting. In a strong 4×4, you can drive over and through the dunes’ unpaved paths. Take a ride at speeds that will leave you gasping for air on the golden dunes of the desert. The average time for dune-bashing is 45 minutes. Note: Dune basking can also make you sick to your stomach and nervous, so get ready for a wild ride!

Camel rides

This exciting but shaky ride lets you feel what it was like for early settlers and Bedouins to travel through the Arabian Desert.

Quad biking and sandboarding

You can ride a quad bike over the isolated dunes if you want a more exciting way to see Dubai’s desert sands. Just make sure you’re over 16 and don’t have any health problems that would keep you from trying this challenging activity.

You can also go sandboarding. Stay standing as you slide down the vast sand dunes to see how well you can keep your balance. For this, you need to put your feet on a solid sandboard and let the sands take you down.

Visit a Bedouin camp

Relax and enjoy the traditional hospitality and warmth of the Emiratis in a casual setting with low-lying seating. 

Cultural experiences 

You can learn a lot about other cultures at the camp of every desert safari. From henna tattoos and smoking shisha to falconry and pictures of people dressed in traditional Arabian clothes, the list is long and exciting, looking into the Bedouin past.

Traditional dinner on the grill

You can expect to eat a lot when you go on an evening or overnight desert safari. What’s on your dinner menu depends on how good your service provider is. 

Local entertainment

An evening desert safari is a lot of fun because of the fire shows belly dance shows, and tanoura shows that are so complicated they make your head spin. Sit back and take everything in. 

Desert camping

This is the best part of any desert safari that lasts overnight. Tents, sleeping bags, pillows, and drinks are provided, among other things. When camping out in nature and sleeping under the stars, your only job is to have fun. This is also a once-in-a-lifetime chance that shouldn’t be passed up.

How do you choose a trip to the desert?

  • Before making a reservation for a desert safari, consider your budget, what it includes, and when you’d want to travel.
  • A morning safari is an option if you have a short time. Evening and overnight desert safaris are best for people who have been there before or who love adventure.
  • Know that the prices for desert safaris vary. Most of the fee depends on the safari’s adventure activities, your chosen vehicle, and extras like shared or private rides to and from the desert.
  • Finally, ensure that the service provider you choose for your long-awaited desert trip has a good name. 

For More You Can Visit: Dubai Desert safari Group

Some Helpful Tips for the Best desert safari 

  • Booking should be in advance and also look online for deals that will save you money.
  • Before buying a package for a desert safari, don’t be afraid to ask what includes and is not.
  • Wear clothes that are loose and comfortable. Cover your shoulders with a wrap or something else. Finish off your outfit with a pair of shoes, sunglasses, and a cap. Consider layering up if you’re planning a trip in the cold. 
  • It may be chilly at night!
  • Find out if the restaurant serves vegetarian and no vegetarian food if that’s what you need.

This beautiful trip into the Arabian Desert will give you a break that isn’t like any other and is full of fun times you’ll remember for a long time. Don’t forget to put this must-do Dubai activity on your list because it will be one of your favorites.

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