Design and Build Construction Services and Architects

Architects often serve as an employee or subcontractor of a construction company. In addition to being an important contributor to the design process, a good architect can provide an invaluable service by assisting a contractor with scheduling and budgeting. This article discusses how a collaborative process can help reduce overruns in a project, as well as cost and time.


Using the services of a reputable design & build construction services company is the best way to get your project off the ground on time and on budget. Getting the job done right the first time around is a surefire way to avoid a slew of pitfalls and setbacks. The benefits of engaging the right folks include a more engaged and knowledgeable workforce, as well as a more positive environment for customer relations and a healthier bottom line. A more streamlined approach to management and execution can also help ensure the best possible outcome. Some of the more mundane responsibilities can be outsourced to the construction industry’s best, such as safety and security, environmental and quality assurance, health and welfare, and human resources. A well managed construction workforce is also less likely to engage in frivolous activities like gossiping and gossiping.


Bringing a construction professional into the picture early in the design phase can have a significant impact on the project, and it can even influence the cost of the finished product. In the design phase, a construction professional can help identify problems and provide creative solutions that may not have been thought of in the first place.

For design and build construction services, there are several options to choose from. Some contractors are just architects, while others offer full service from preliminary design to construction administration. It’s important to look into each option carefully before deciding which type of delivery method is right for your project.

Design-Build is an efficient way to get a project done on time and on budget. It combines design, engineering, and construction into a single entity that works with the client to ensure the project’s success.

Collaborative process

Traditionally, the construction industry has been a highly adversarial business. While the construction industry is moving towards more collaborative approaches, there are still some challenges to overcome.

Collaboration in the construction industry is a key to achieving better results. This means leveraging the knowledge of every worker. It also creates an environment where creativity and innovation are fostered.

Successful collaboration is defined by a clear role and shared goals. This allows for accountability and better problem solving. In addition, effective communication is vital to successful collaboration.

Developing a culture of collaboration requires leadership from the contractor, the owner, and the client. It also means adopting the right tools. Many cloud-based systems are available to facilitate construction project collaboration. Some of these systems allow for document uploading, marking up, and real-time viewing.

Project schedule overruns

During the construction phase, cost overruns may occur. However, it is difficult to predict what will happen. Project managers have to find ways to keep costs in check. Several factors contribute to the increase in cost overruns. These include design errors, sloppy planning, and weather.

The Florida Department of Transportation conducted a study to examine the causes of schedule overruns on transportation projects. The study investigated 363 construction projects that were constructed from 1991 to 2008. The study used similar methodologies to analyze the data.

A one-factor ANOVA test was carried out to identify factors that contributed to cost overruns. The magnitudes of the schedule overruns were compared by size, type of project, and completion year. The study found that the magnitude of the cost overruns was higher for larger, longer duration projects than for smaller, shorter duration projects.

Architect as employee or subcontractor of contractor

Architects as employees or subcontractors of contractor for design and build construction services work closely together with other project team members, bringing all the elements of a project together to create a balanced design. This blend of strategy and problem solving creates facilities that serve your business needs.

When working with a contractor for the design and build of a project, it is important to ask the same questions as your contractor. Be sure to have a detailed project description, including a budget, start date and total project scope. This can help you prevent divergent bids, as well as allow you to walk through a completed project to ensure the project is consistent with your expectations.

During the bidding phase, an architect works with the contractor to resolve any conflicts. They will also work with the contractor to avoid costly change orders and disputes.

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