Development Trends & Advanced Features for Taxi Apps

App development is a way to stay up-to-date with modern features and trends.

Development Trends & Advanced Features for Taxi Apps
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Last updated on January 2nd, 2023 at 05:41 pm

In the times of technology and the internet, people are using apps for all the necessities of their daily life. Booking a taxi from the online application is much easier and more comfortable than traveling through your transportation or going out to get a taxi. These apps provide comfort and various facilities to their customers. Because of this, the number of taxi booking applications on the app store is an essential requirement nowadays. 

In an industry with a significant number of competitors, introducing more advanced service features is sure that your business will outstand. App development is a way to stay up-to-date with modern features and trends. According to Statista, the taxi market revenue has reached up to $276.40 billion and is expected to reach $369.30 billion with a CAGR of around 7.51% by 2026.

Latest App Development Trends

Collective data analyses 

By collecting and analyzing user data, app developers can provide and predict the services according to the individual user’s interest. This collective data also helps the app adjust the ride cost and promote according to users’ interests while still being profitable. 

5G technology in App development   

Providing 5G service in app development is a trend as almost all cellphone companies have introduced the 5G service. It is much faster than 4G, with improved efficiency. The 5G technology provides faster connectivity and service, which will help the developer to introduce new features in the app without disturbing the app’s performance. This service can quickly transfer data between the app, the user, and the taxi driver. Tracking of location will also be smooth and faster with 5G.

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence Is an innovative developing technology. It has been the most popular trend in app development. This allows the user to optimize the app development and decrease errors that human coders do not detect. Ai also secures the user data and upgrades the data security, which is one of the most concerning issues. AI Improves and provides a better experience and collects and of your ride in the taxi booking apps. With the excellent service in the ride-hailing industry, AI is also bringing self-driving cars in the upcoming days. 

Digital wallet 

For any Taxi booking app development company, the digital wallet is one of the best app development trends. 

The internet of things 

The internet of things is not just a development trend. It has become a big part of everyone’s daily life. An IoT is a system that collects and sends data to the centralized app network. A taxi booking app is mainly successful because of the fair cost, accessibility, and speed of the service. This service provides betterment and efficiency to the service. 

Advanced Features for App Development

Billing methods 

Multiple advance options have been developed in taxi booking apps for payment, which includes online transfer, payment through credit and debit cards, mobile wallets, and other. These options make it easier for the passenger if they carry around little cash. 

Tracking of the Taxi’s movement 

With this feature, after confirming the Taxi booking, the passengers get the accessibility to know the location of the Taxi and the estimated time for the arrival of the Taxi at the pick-up location.  

In-App Communication 

This features the accessibility to both passengers and drivers to communicate with each other in the app through messaging and callings. 

Connectivity through social media 

For booking a taxi, the passenger has to create a personalized account, which can be efficiently utilized by this feature which allows the passengers to sign -up or log in through a contact number, email, or any other social media verification. 


Before conforming to the ride, passengers can check the fare with this feature. The prices are usually depending on the distance and other factors. After knowing the price, it depends on the passenger whether they avail it.  

Traveling history and saving location 

This feature saves the traveling history of the passenger and the history of the payments. With this, passengers also can save locations such as home or office, which helps the passengers to book quickly.

Push notifications 

Push notifications are helpful for passengers, drivers, and as well as for the app. The passenger gets these notifications to confirm their booking or the cab’s arrival. These notifications also engage the passengers by sending different discounts and new offers. 

Ride feedback and review 

For the betterment of the app service and the driver, this feature provides the passenger access to rate and to give feedback about their experience with the driver or with the app. 

Emergency Contact 

With this feature, the app provides safety and security to passengers while using their services. The passengers can add an emergency contact, which can be called in case of any emergency. A panic button is also featured in the app, which can be used in case of an accident or disaster. 

Why should anyone invest in a taxi booking app?

In the last few years, taxi booking apps have grown continuously and are expected for further growth because they provide many perks and offers to passengers and the application. In 2017, the amount of taxi booking apps was counted as $36,000 million, and by 2025, expected to reach the figure of $126,521 million.  


Technically advanced applications with well-developed trends and features always attract and engage more users, but too many features make the user lose interest in the app. So if the taxi booking app wants to increase its growth, developers must know the trends of 

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