Difference Between Guacamole And Avocado

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Hey everyone! What’s up? You are here to know about Guacamole and Avocado. You are very familiar with Avocado but you do not know about Guacamole. Is Avocado and Guacamole the same or not?

So, this blog is related to Fruits. Fruits are very important for everyone. Almost everybody includes fruits in their meals and uses fruits as salad. We make so many recipes which are fruit based.

Here we will tell you how Guacamole is different from Avocado. Let’s read the complete for more information about Avocado and Guacamole:

Difference between Guacamole and Avocado

This blog points out all the differences between Guacamole and Avocado. Here are some points given which differentiates Guacamole from Avocado. These are the points:

What is Avocado?

·     Avocado is a healthy fruit. Which include many nutrients in it. Guacamole is not a fruit.

·     Avocado is a very popular fruit because it is very good for health.

·     It has Potassium, vitamins, magnesium nutrients.

·     Avocado is an evergreen fruit and originated in America.

·     Avocado is a Dark green colour fruit.

·     It is also known as butter fruit.

·     It contains a seed inside itself.

·     The taste of Avocado is creamy and mild.

·     It is used as a fruit and also used in many recipes like Avocado toast.

·     Avocado is a superfood.

What is Guacamole?

· Guacamole is not a fruit.

· Guacamole is a recipe which is made with Avocado.

· It is a type of dip which is made with other ingredients which are mixed with Avocado.

· It is also known as mashed Avocado.

· Guacamole is also healthy for our body because it is made with Avocado. It includes all the nutrients of Avocado.

· Guacamole is a Mexican dish. It is an Avocado dip or spread. Mexicans call Guacamole as Ahuacamolli.

· It includes many other ingredients with Avocado.

· Guacamole is a type of salad which developed in Mexico.

· Guacamole has a specific recipe.

Recipe of Guacamole:

As we know that Guacamole is an Avocado based recipe. But it includes many ingredients in it for better taste. Here is the recipe of Guacamole:

· First you have to choose ingredients according to your taste. You can add onion, Tomato, Green chilli, Lime juice, and spices to this recipe.

· After selecting ingredients, you have to finely chop all the veggies you want to add.

· Now mix all the ingredients in a bowl.

· Take an avocado and cut it properly and remove its seed.

· Mash the avocado pulp and mix it with all the veggies.

· After it you can add olive oil, lemon juice and spices according to your taste.

· Mix it well.

· Serve the Guacamole with bread, nachos and chips.

In this blog you know that Avocado is a healthy American fruit. And Guacamole is a tasty and healthy Avocado-based recipe. Both are good for our health.

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Thanks for reading this blog. We hope that this blog will give you complete information about Avocado and Guacamole. Now you know that Avocado is a fruit while Guacamole is a dip which is made with Avocado. Please visit our site for more information.

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