Different applications for the Swing Handle Lock

Swing Handle Lock

The Swing Handle Lock is one of the most ubiquitous door locks in the world, used by millions to keep their doors secure. Whether you are looking to upgrade your door locks or buy your first set, this Swing Handle Lock buying guide will help you determine which Swing Handle Lock will best suit your needs and budget. Here’s what you need to know before you start shopping.


The most common application is to retrofit a pre-existing lock. The Swing Handle Lock can also be used in new construction by installing it on either side of the door. This allows for two locks to be built into one door with no visible parts on the outside. This can provide security and make it easier to re-key when necessary.

The installation process is fairly straightforward, but you will need a few tools like a drill, saw, leveler, and screwdriver. It’s best to start by removing any old locks that are being replaced and then drill holes in each side of the doorframe where you want your Swing Handle Lock installed. Then just follow the instructions that come with the handles and install them.

However, before drilling into an existing door frame there are a few things to consider:

The length of screws needed depends on how thick the framing is where you want to install your handle locks

You’ll need plenty of space for all the hardware between both doors – about four inches or so Expect screws to be 1/2 inch long if there’s three-eights inch framing; 3/4 inch long if there’s five eighths inch framing; 1 inch long if there’s seven eighths inch framing.


The Swing Handle Lock can be used in many different industries and applications. Some of these are as follows:

-Restaurants, bakeries and food processing plants: Swing handles provide quick access to items stored on high shelves. The swing handle is also a convenient way to carry a heavy load without using both hands. -Laundries and dry cleaners: The swing handle lock is perfect for accessing detergents, bleach or other cleaning chemicals that should not be touched with bare hands. -Construction sites: The Swing Handle Lock offers an easy way to store tools at hand’s reach while still keeping them safe from contamination. -Medical facilities: The swing handle lock provides an easy way to access medical supplies and equipment stored on high shelves.


The swing handle lock is a great option for residential homes. It is ideal because it can be installed in doors that are already pre-drilled with a passage hole, which reduces installation costs. The lock can also be installed on doors with pre-drilled holes as well as doors that do not have any holes drilled into them. Some of the benefits of this lock are its ability to work on multiple types of doors and its durability. This type of lock has been shown to last up to 10 times longer than other locks, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon. And the versatility of this lock means that it will work on both inward and outward swinging doors. The door latch bolt extends 3/8 when the lock is engaged, which gives you peace of mind that your home is safe and secure. Another benefit of this lock is its small size. Unlike most locks, the swing handle lock is light weight and easy to install without breaking your door frame or door hinge. Another great thing about the Swing Handle Lock is that it comes with two keys!

It’s an excellent choice for residential homes because it’s durable, versatile and easy to install.


The Swing Handle Lock is a latch that attaches to a door and has a handle on it. The handle can be pulled from either side of the door, so it is perfect for businesses that need to keep their doors unlocked. This type of latch also prevents people from being trapped inside when there is a fire. The industrial versions can be found in stores, restaurants, hospitals and many other places where security needs are present. There is also an emergency version which will release automatically if someone tries to force open the door or window. It’s really easy to install because you just screw it onto the bottom of the doorway and then you can put the handle anywhere that is convenient. I installed mine on my front door because I want to make sure that I can get out of my house quickly during emergencies.

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