Digital Marketing for Education Industry

So why is this the ideal time for educational institutes to dip their toes into digital marketing?  

With the advent of the pandemic in late 2019 kick-started the new era of digital marketing. As the world stayed home, the digital marketing sector boomed in every industry it touched since it came up with new ways to promote and provide service to the close world. One good thing that could come from a pandemic could be that now education is more accessible for underprivileged students from remote areas. The shift from ground education to online education helps and encourages more students to learn without boundaries. It lets them pick up courses online and learn at ease at their own pace.

Well, it is no surprise that the emergence of ed-tech companies made it vital for educational institutes to show their presence online. Educational institutes need to effectively market their courses so that it reaches the right audience at the right time.

But what could it mean for you and your school? Where do you even start? This post will outline some basic steps for boosting your digital marketing strategy in the education industry.

Benefits of Evolving Now

One thing to note is that the significant student population is online because of the evolution in the tech sector surfacing of social media and smartphones. Then naturally, educational institutes should focus on marketing their courses on a digital platform to reach the correct audience.

Conversion rates are higher as the digital platform is more persuasive and dynamic. With email and SMS marketing, educational institutes can reach out to students and parents more personally, which usually positively impacts responses and results in more conversions.

Most of the response online is more spontaneous compared to the traditional marketing method. Through a digital platform, you can swiftly reach your audience and communicate with ease what you stand for and your intent as well. It is easier to converse between students and educators as well.

One of the key reasons the world is going digital is due to one word “Brand awareness,” and once you go digital, you can establish your brand online and boost your presence. With social media campaigns and activities, you can get a good follower base that could spread the word to a wider network. The digital market is cost-effective and economical. In contrast to popular belief, it requires a minimum price to begin and compared to on the ground, and it requires a little effort and the right strategy.

Ideal Marketing Strategies for Educational Institutes

Let the Internet Know, Build a Social Media Presence

Build a highly interactive student community on social media. This will help you to solidify your existence online. This is considered one of the best social media strategies, to begin with for any educational institute. It’s time you realize that this will make you popular among students. Now don’t just stick to the usual content relevant to the education institute alone. Try something new by blending it with youthful content, which is a bit quirky, fun, relevant, and informative as well, and this will help you solidify your grounds in social media and help to attract your follower base. Check out Inter Smart Solution, the leading digital marketing company in Kochi to build a commanding social media presence. 

Invest in a Mobile-Friendly Website

Nowadays, people tend to spend more time on their smartphones than on desktops. So it is ideal to invest in a website optimized for mobile phones, which is user-friendly and takes minimum time to load, has content that is relevant, contact info, a sign-up option, inquiry form, institute activity, and several blog content as well. Google crawlers reward well in SEO rankings for mobile-friendly websites. 

An Educational App for Your Institute

Make an app that is helpful for the students and staff at the same time. Creating a simple app that could track the student’s activities like their attendance record, scores, leave forms, exam schedules, and much more can work wonders. And if we advance it, we can also use it to support the students during exams by giving them sample questionnaires and study materials. The fact that you can record the student’s activity with a few taps is pretty beneficial.

Utilise Existing Student Testimonials

This positive social media strategy includes testimonials of existing students and alumni on your website and social media platform. Your student’s words can be the most potent strategy since they can easily lift the existing customer base.

Make Use of Video Content Strategy

 The promotion of video content is yet another effective content you can utilize. You can start by investing in developing and producing promotional video content, including various educational institute facilities, like a tour around the campus, library, labs, department, student residence, etc.

Utilize the Power Of SEO

Your website needs to utilize the power of SEO, as SEO-based content can increase your chances of being more visible on Google or any other browser. Invest and hire a professional team of SEO specialists and use them in your content. In simple words, SEO content will make your website easily visible.

The Ad Placements Are Crucial

When it comes to Ad placement, show where your ads are more relevant to what you are promoting. So if you are promoting an online content writing course, make sure to place it on a platform that talks more about content marketing and content writing. By this, you can efficiently and effectively encourage your audience to find your ad effortlessly.

Bring In Industry Experts for Webinars

The students of this era have a constant urge to learn, so the ideal solution is to give them exposure to gain knowledge through webinars with the aid of industry experts. Now organizing webinars can easily give exposure, as the experts who address the student routinely advertise the institute, which can easily help you get solid leads for admission.


The education industry is changing and evolving rapidly, and it’s more important than ever to have a strong digital marketing strategy. It is the best time to take advantage of all the latest trends and technologies and always experiment and analyze to see what works best for your school or organization.

In simpler words, digital marketing is a powerful tool that can help you reach your target audience more accurately. So don’t be afraid to dip and dabble to identify how you can use it to your advantage. Thanks for reading!

Suppose you are still curious and a bit intimidated by digital marketing for educational institutes and also looking forward to moving toward technology-driven marketing tactics, check out the education marketing services offered by Inter smart Solution, a prominent Digital Marketing agency in Kochi. We offer innovative solutions that can put your brand on the map.

Adil Husnain

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