Digital Signage Comparison: KiwiSign vs. The Competition

digital signage comparison
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With the growing popularity of digital signage, customers have more options than ever before when it comes to choosing their preferred platform. KiwiSign and its competitors each have their own advantages, but there are also some very clear differences that make one stand out from the other. This comparison guide will help you understand how each platform works, as well as what sets them apart from one another so that you can make an informed decision on which digital signage software solution is best for your business.

What Is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a form of electronic signage that uses displays to deliver content to an audience, typically to advertise, inform or entertain. The signs are dynamic, they can be changed easily and frequently throughout daily operations. This type of display is also known as a digital billboard or electronic bulletin board (EBBS). Digital signage solutions use one or more displays that may include various types of content; text messages, graphics, images, animations, and video clips depending on whether it uses analog video technology (DVB-S), digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB), satellite television technology (DVB-S2), Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), etc.

Why Use Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a great way to catch people’s attention on things they may not normally stop to look at. Whether it be in stores, hotels, or even gas stations, signs are often an effective and inexpensive tool to get a message across in your business without much effort required from you and at little cost. If you can picture a business with digital signage in it, there’s probably another business using it somewhere nearby… but with so many companies using digital signs, how do you decide which one works for you? That’s where we come in! Our platform makes comparing different digital signs easy for anyone—whether you’re an expert marketer or someone who has never made a sign before!

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What Are My Options?

Let’s be clear, digital signage isn’t right for every business—and it may not even be right for you! However, if you think it might be a good fit for your organization and you want to see how we compare to some of our main competitors, then take a look at our infographic that highlights five key benefits of using KiwiSign versus others in our space. Of course, there are plenty more reasons why we could help your business outshine its competition; only time will tell if those potential results are worth an investment into a company like ours…but hey! We hope so! 🙂

How Much Moes It Cost?

Digital signage is a relatively inexpensive way to increase brand awareness and boost engagement with customers, but not all systems are created equal. If you’re looking for an easy way to manage multiple digital signs without breaking your budget, take a look at what KiwiSign has to offer compared to other options on the market today. We recently put together an infographic (you can access it in full here) that compares our digital signage platform with industry leaders including SimpleSign, AlphaDisplay, and Digital Channel Manager; see how we compare on price, customization options, and more before making your decision!

How Do I Know If KiwiSign Is Right For Me?

No matter your business size, KiwiSign has a plan for you! We’ve broken up our pricing structure into Small, Medium, and Large tiers in order to make it easier for you to find a solution that works within your budget. For any business with one or two signs, our Micro Plan is all that you need! Simply put, if you want an easy-to-use digital signage system and don’t need anything complex – we’re perfect for your needs. If you’re a medium-sized enterprise with multiple stores or locations in different parts of town, we have a Medium sized solution just right for your company! Have several locations across town?

Is It Hard To Install?

Setup is extremely simple and easy, with or without a web developer on hand. You can get up and running in under 15 minutes with just your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You don’t need any technical knowledge to get started with KiwiSign either, anyone can install an app from iTunes or Google Play onto their device and log in to a sign in less than one minute – it really couldn’t be simpler! Our team of installation experts will even come out and set up your first sign for you if you don’t want to do it yourself. We believe that everyone should be able to use digital signs regardless of technical ability – which is why we created such an easy-to-use platform that even folks without any computer skills can use!

Where Can I Buy Them From?

Yes, you can control one or many signs at once through our simple dashboard with the swipe of a finger on any web browser or with our app. You will also be able to manage different content for each location that you have using a simple drag-and-drop system on your dashboard. This is extremely beneficial if you want to display different information at each sign such as messaging for a specific store location instead of having everything be public facing which is what most other software providers offer as an add-on premium service but we don’t! Not only can you decide what content goes where but also what hardware platform (LCD, LED, TV) it displays on for maximum flexibility and budget savings.

Can I have More Than One Sign To Display Different Content In Each Location?

Yes, you can have as many signs as you need and give each sign a custom URL to make it easy for your customers to switch locations or check out different items in your store or office. Our dashboard interface allows you to control one or many signs at once with ease through any web browser. And don’t forget our app! We’ve made controlling our signs simple and intuitive using touch gestures on your iOS device so that you can interact with KiwiSign just like how you use your smartphone every day.

Will It Run 24/7 Or Just During Opening Hours?

Our signs operate 24/7 and make sure that customers always see up-to-date messages on your behalf, even after you close. Our prices are clearly displayed on our website so that you can know for certain how much it will cost to run a digital sign or multiple signs using our service before purchasing. We feel it’s important to have a simple interface and show all costs upfront without any hidden fees or charges. For example, we charge $5 per month per sign with no long-term contracts which means if you only have 1 sign then you can cancel at any time with just one click of a button from within your dashboard.

Can Multiple People Be Involved In Creating And Publishing Content?

One of our favorite things about our digital signage system is how easy it is to use, which allows many different people to manage content across multiple signs. We want you to be able to post updates in your own style, on your own schedule, and while on the go from anywhere in the world. Our dashboard has a drag-and-drop interface where you can upload images or even short video clips of events as they happen! You can also view how effective your campaign was with statistics through Google Analytics integration.

How Long Will It Take To Make All My Content Ready For The Screen?

It’s always hard to say how long something will take without knowing exactly what you want to do, but in terms of our hardware, it only takes a few minutes from start to finish (literally!). Making all your content ready for signage though, can take hours. Depending on how much content you have and how many different sources you have for that content, be prepared for it to take at least one workday, but possibly longer depending on what is required of you to get everything ready (converting videos and photos from one format to another might be required). If you still need help with getting your content ready after that first workday is done though, let us know—we would love to help!

Should I Use Images Or Videos In My Digital Signage Project?

Just because digital signs can display video doesn’t mean that you have to use videos in your project. When deciding between images or videos for your digital sign, keep these three things in mind: are you trying to communicate a short or long message; what will people be doing when they see your sign (e.g., waiting at a bus stop, browsing in a store); and who will see your signage (e.g., customers of different ages and demographic groups). Understanding who you’re targeting with your digital signage project can help you determine what kinds of messages might be most appropriate for them, which will then help you choose whether an image or video is right for your situation.

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