Discord: Everything You Need To Know

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These days, Discord is the popular choice for most people when it comes to communicating with friends and family online. Whether it’s games, movies, TV shows, food or anything else. When Discord launched, it became the go-to option for gamer communication. Opened a new voice and text chat method.

Finally, players had another good quality app that they could use to coordinate their play with their teammates during party content. Like raids, dungeons and multiplayer matches against the enemy team. But since its arrival, Discord has changed over the years and is now much more than the first game chat app.

It offers many different features that make it a great option for anyone who wants to stay in touch with like-minded people on just about any topic. If you’ve never heard of Discord before, that’s totally fine. Maybe you don’t spend much time online, or you’re just used to another chat app. Like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, TeamSpeak, etc.

But if you want to learn more about Discord and what it offers, and why it might be a benefit for you, this guide will walk you through everything important about Discord. But first, let’s take a deeper dive into what Discord is.

Discord is a chat application for mobile devices and PC. It requires an online connection and was originally launched as a chat app for gamers. It’s still a chat app for gamers, but now it’s also more than that.

You can use it for text chat, voice chat, video chat, and even to share links, videos, and other content. Since it’s gone beyond gaming, Discord, now, is an app for staying in touch and communicating with friends, family, and other like-minded people who share the same love for your interests. It’s basically just a place to hang out and chat.

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So it’s not just for gamers anymore. It’s for everyone, and it can be a great place to talk with others.

What platforms is Discord available on?

Discord is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. It can be downloaded directly from the respective app stores. Or if you are using Windows or Mac, you can simply use it from the Discord website. However, you get a richer app experience.

Eventually, Discord will be integrated into PlayStation consoles in some form. It’s also available on Xbox One, but you can’t use it for chat. This only allows you to see what your Discord friends are playing.

Is Discord free?

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Using Discord is free. Its download is also free. That being said, there are paid subscription options offered by Discord. With these you get extra features that free users don’t get. So it’s up to you whether or not these features are worth your hard-earned cash every month.

For some, the subscription can be valuable. For others, they might not be. But the beauty of paid options is that they don’t really need to be paid for to have a great Discord experience. Using the free version of it is perfectly fine and you still have access to all or most of the features needed to have a great experience.

What are the Discord subscription options?

Discord has two different subscription plans available to users. There is Discord DiscordTree and Discord DiscordTree Classic. DiscordTree costs $9.99 per month and offers more features than DiscordTree Classic. You can also subscribe to DiscordTree on an annual basis for $99.99 per year.

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DiscordTree Classic has a few less features than DiscordTree, but still more features than the free subscription. It costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

What does Discord DiscordTree bring you?

By subscribing to DiscordTree, you will get a bunch of nifty bonuses that enhance the user experience. With DiscordTree you will get enhanced emoji capabilities and you can collect and create your own custom emoji including animated emoji.

You also get a personal profile. Which allows you to claim a custom tag and add an animated avatar to your online character. Then there are server boosts. While you can boost a Discord server as many times as you want, subscribing to DiscordTree will get you two free server boosts to start with. You can use them on your own server if you want, or on a server you frequent and really enjoy.

In addition to the two free boosts, you also get a 30% discount on any additional boosts. Your badge will also gain a small ID that indicates how long you’ve been boosting. The last two perks are among the most useful. You will be able to upload files up to 100MB versus 8MB with a free account.

Finally, you also have access to high-resolution video for video calls, live streaming, and screen sharing.


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