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Currently, the game of poker is attracting the participation of many different people. In order to increase the probability of winning for themselves, many players have used additional cheat devices to bypass the organizers. Join vn88 the official website to find out immediately what is a fortune teller? Which formula is popular?

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What is a fortune teller?

For those of you who are new to this game of poker, perhaps the term cheat is still not very familiar. This is a word that people use to refer to players who use extra tricks to predict the outcome and have a higher win rate than usual.

But the fact has shown that the player does not have more chances to cheat than the Dealer, the meaning is that if you do it, the ability to cheat will be better than the player. So even if you are a big player, you should know the house tricks to avoid these not-so-transparent casinos.

The formula to cheat is in the fortune teller

If you choose the bet type is to predict the total score. Thus, the results of the dice will be on the numbers that often appear from 4 – 17. The payout ratio at the house will be based on the total number of points. Players will bet on which pair of the same dice has a special face.

If you observe that after the Dealer opens the jar, one face will appear, the player will win the odds of 1:8. Thus, in the market, there will still be cheat machines for game controllers and players.


Poker will be an indispensable game at CASINO casinos, now there will be many people who want to make money through this subject. However, to do that, not only must we rely on luck, but we will also need strategies. Please register vn88 now for more information, register vn88 to receive 50k today.

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