Do acne needs a dermatologist recommended?

o acne needs a dermatologist recommended

Acne is one of the common skin conditions, especially in teenagers that affects your natural looks. The skin condition may vary from person to person depending on the causes and the symptoms, and the severity of acne can get treated by a skin specialist or a dermatologist.

There is a variety of acne treatment procedures are developed nowadays that are effective under the supervision of a well-qualified skin care doctor. A dermatologist helps to heal you from emotional disbalance and the scars due to acne on your skin. The right time to opt the advice from a skin doctor reduces the risk factors of the worst condition affected by acne.

What are the signs and reasons for acne and the alarming signal for a dermatologist visit?

There are many times, people use skin products and get their skin affected in many ways like swelling of the eyes, rigidity in the throat, tongue, etc., faintness, etc. Fetching the dermatologist in Indore may save you time with helpful diagnosis and treatment. But you need to know the common symptoms and causes behind acne:

Causes of acne: 

  • The acne condition can appear when the hair follicles get stuffed with dead skin cells or oil. 
  • Extra production of oil or sebum.
  • Inflammation
  • Bacteria

There are mainly four different factors that give rise to the acne skin issues mentioned above. Generally, acne is visible on the face, chest, shoulders, forehead, etc. It is because these sections of the body have the maximum oil glands called sebaceous glands.

Symptoms of acne:

  • Small-sized papules of red color.
  • Open plugged pores of blackheads.
  • Nodules that are the bigger-sized lumps with pain reside under the skin.
  • Pustules of pimples with pus at the top.
  • Cystic lesions such as pus holding and painful lumps appear under the skin.
  • Closed porous white heads.

There can be more bad conditions of acne that can happen due to the below-listed happenings:

  • Due to specific medication

Some medications have drugs in them like testosterone, corticosteroids, etc. that can trigger the worst condition of your acne.

  • Meals

Based on the research, a Few food items like carbohydrate-enriched ones are found to be harmful to acne skin condition. These food items include chips, bread, etc. Now more research needs to be done to find the effective result after ignoring such a diet.

  • Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes push the acne health condition more worst as during puberty, a hormone called Androgens gets enhanced in both girls and boys. Due to the increased amount of this hormone, the sebaceous glands also become bigger supported by more sebum production. 

  • Overstress

Stress can’t be the reason for acne but can make the acne condition on your skin more worst. So, better to consult a dermatologist to understand the skin condition having acne and how to heal it in a better way.

Dermatologists can guide you to understand your skin needs and enlighten your path to healing your acne more-faster with ease and within your budget. They find the root cause of your acne and assist you with the correct treatment further for the best result!


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