Do You Need IDX for  Real Estate Website?

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Many writers, bloggers, and internet marketers will tell you that IDX is unnecessary for a real estate website. For them, it’s “useless” and “a waste of money” to try to compete with the top 10 real estate websites led by Zillow, Trulia, and, since they receive almost half of all online traffic. If you are looking for a professional website development company than you can contact Web Development India with talented team of website developers and web designers.

A lot of people use the phrase “IDX” without really knowing what it means. The term “IDX” conjures images of a simple property search when consumers think of your real estate website. While IDX’s primary function is property search, few users take advantage of the platform’s other lead-generating features.

I’ll go through why IDX is critical for any real estate website and why it’s even more important than a house search feature.

Brand Name of Your Company’s Merchandise

This is an analogy I always make when talking to the real estate industry. You are a corporation when you’re in the real estate industry. Your real estate website might be compared to a store. Your “inventory” consists of the MLS listings that you display on your website. Everything that is on sale in your “shop” is what is listed. What happens if someone walks into your “shop” but you don’t have anything to sell? Just as you and I would, they’d probably leave and hunt for merchandise elsewhere.

If your real estate website doesn’t have IDX, you’re passing up on potential clients. Your website (shop) needs IDX unless referrals are your only source of traffic and sales (product).

Constructing Listing Pages Is Possible

You may search through all of the hundreds or even thousands of listings in your MLS with the use of IDX. As I indicated before, this is your stock and it’s the equivalent of having tens of thousands of items listed on your online store.

When you have access to all listings, you may tailor listing pages to meet the needs of a variety of different kinds of users. You may construct a listing page that displays all items that fall inside a certain price range, for instance. You may also make a listing page that just shows homes for sale in a certain neighbourhood, community, or school district. Your real estate website visitors will have a more positive experience thanks to the improved navigation provided by these listing pages. What’s more, and this is what I’ll get into next, the sites where the listings are located are optimised for search engines.

Lead Generation using Google Search

All of the IDX pages your platform creates for you are optimised for search engines like Google and Bing and will be indexed by them and other similar sites. The IDX system’s listing pages are indexed by Google, making it a great resource for generating leads organically. For one of our customers, for instance, we developed an IDX website that shows available properties inside the Squires Elementary School area.

The results of a Google search

Houses in the Squires Elementary School Zone are Currently Available.

Among 1,640,000 results on Google, our IDX-enabled website came out on top, beating both Zillow and

Using IDX, you may create a large number of pages with real estate listings, all of which will be indexed by Google. Think you still can’t compete with Zillow?

For Your Customers, a Platform and Related Resources

IDX is a powerful tool for real estate websites that goes well beyond simple property search. There are a lot of people who don’t notice or who don’t know about the helpful resources you’ll be giving to your customers. Integrating an IDX search into your real estate website is a game-changer for your business. Visitors can sign up for an account on your real estate website to save searches and listings they like from the IDX. Clients will return repeatedly because of the standard you’ve set.

Send Your Prospects Updated Listing Information Instantly

With an IDX system, you may immediately email prospective buyers or tenants the most up-to-date listings that match their search parameters. This may be viewed as a form of listing-based lead nurturing. On your site, visitors may customise their own search parameters to receive updates on only the properties that interest them. This system is fully automated and will maintain communication with all of your prospects. If they see anything they like on your listings page, they will simply send you a message.

A Retaining Facility for Your Current Clientele

Existing customers are more likely to return to your real estate website if you’ve established a good rapport with them. They are used to and confident in your business and website. Customers who have previously registered for an IDX account may simply log in and begin using the system’s search and management features. Where else are your potential buyers and sellers going to look if you don’t offer a house search function on your real estate website? A different place, yes.

Effective Lead Generation = Landing Pages + IDX

Particularly on Facebook, landing pages are a widely used strategy for gathering contact information from potential customers. When landing pages are combined with IDX, a very efficient and potent lead generation system is produced. There are many Website Development  Agency in USA with good web developers and designers who are skilled and professional  to develop custom web application.

IDX allows you to make listing pages that may be used as landing pages. You might, for instance, drive traffic to a specific website that lists all available Clairemont real estate under $600,000. After a potential client has filled out your landing page’s contact form, they can be sent to a page in your IDX system that showcases available properties. This kind of system can’t work until your real estate website incorporates IDX.

providing a far more individual experience

Zillow and, two of the largest real estate websites, are highly marketed and may put some people off from using them. Your website is much friendlier, more trustworthy, and more reassuring. Since your website will be regionally specific, potential buyers will immediately recognise that you are an authority on the homes for sale in their preferred neighbourhood.

Should a real estate website include IDX? YES. For the reasons stated above, IDX is an essential component of your website. When weighed against its many advantages, the expense of integrating IDX into your website is negligible. If you use IDX on your website and close only one sale from it, the cost of your IDX and website service is effectively nothing.

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