Does A Pet Cooling Mat Actually Work?

Pet Cooling Mat
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Cooling mats are a great relief for pets and their owners as they are used in hot weather or after a vigorous play session. It absorbs the pet’s body’s heat, dissipates it, and helps avoid dehydration, exhaustion, and heat stroke. There are many options when choosing a pet cooling mat, and you can buy one suitable for your dog. There are different sizes, and you can choose a small, medium, or large pet cooling mat, depending on the pet’s size. Let’s discuss in detail how the pet cooling mat actually works.

Gel-based Pet Cooling Mat:

It is the most common pet cooling mat and is the priciest. A non-toxic gel is present inside the mat and helps to provide coolness to your pet for up to 4 hours, and then after that, it needs a break of at least 20 minutes to recharge. This mat is activated when your pet (Dog or any other type of pet) comes on the mat, and the pressure starts the cooling process. It is handy and portable. 

What’s Best About It?

One of the best things about a gel-type cooling mat is that it saves energy and time, as you don’t need to water or refrigerate it. It is self-cooling.

What Is Its Biggest Withdraw?

It can cause tummy aches and air/gastrointestinal obstruction if your dog eats it up. So, gel-based cooling mats are suitable for non-chewer pets.

Orthopedic Pet Cooling Mats:

If your pet is injured or is old, it might face problems like fracture, dislocation, arthritis, pain, and inflammation, for which you can order the customized orthopedic cooling mat type. It will help manage medical conditions and simultaneously cool your pet down.

Water/ Ice Pet Cooling Mats:

These types of mats are used where the fridge option is available. Put the mat in your refrigerator for some time and use it for your furry friend. Usually, this type of cooling mat provides incredible coldness as compared to other pet cooling mats. This is the best pet mat for the harsh dog.

The ice-type pet cooling mat is best for emergency conditions when you need to cool off your pet as soon as possible, for example, in the case of a heat stroke. Heavy chewer animals should use this type of cooling mat.

Pet Mat Ingestion:

The pet owner should be careful while giving their pet cooling mats and give them proper training about what to eat and what not to eat. Some people use pet cooling mats as dog food mats which can confuse some dogs and cats; as a result, some pets can bite and ingest anything, including a pet cooling mat. 

 If your pet accidentally ingests the pet cooling mat, then you can face two problems. The first one is choking, an emergency and life-threatening condition; for this, you must immediately remove the object from the throat or arrange for the vet ASAP.

If your animal doesn’t get chock and ingest the mat, it can cause gastrointestinal issues. The pet produces gas, do vomit and stops eating food, after which you should go to the vet, and then the doctor will perform an X-Ray and remove the object.

Heat-Sensitive Pets That Might Need A Cooling Mat: 

Among pets, it is seen that dogs usually need a cooling mat. Here are the most heat-sensitive dogs for which you must manage a cooling mat, especially during the summer:

  1. Puppies
  2. Old dogs
  3. Overweighed 
  4. Medically compromised 
  5. Brachycephalic breed ( Pugs, Boston terriers, Bulldogs)
  6. Long-haired pets ( Border Collies)

Alternatives to Pet Cooling Mats:

Some people are lazy and don’t buy the cooling mat as they have to clean it up for subsequent use. While others can’t afford the pet cooling mat as they find it a bit expensive. So, we will share some alternatives for pet cooling mats to help out these people, which are:

  • Provide your pets with shade 
  • Avoid their outdoor activities
  • Use air conditioner
  • Give fresh water to drink
  • Give them regular baths 
  • Sprinkle water on them, their sitting place, and their surroundings
  • Please don’t give them extreme hair trims, as the hairs prevent them from overheating and skin burns.


Is It Worth It To Buy Pet Cooling Mat? Hell yes! It is worth it to buy a pet cooling mat. It not only provides coolness but also medical benefits to your pet. Its price range is $20 to 80, which is a lot for some people. But you can use it for years if you keep it with care which is a win-win condition. If you want to use a pet cooling pad for an extended period, then cover the mat with some sheets and keep it in a cool place. Clean the mat regularly and avoid its direct sun exposure.


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