Does .in Domain Name Helps your Website Rank Higher In India?

.in Domain Hosting
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Are you wondering why .in Domain Name would be the better choice in India? 

When you look to register your desired Domain Name, you find out it is taken or used by other businesses and only .in TLD Left. Will you Register for .in Domain? Maybe you think is it worth it to go with .in Domain, it would be helpful to push rank on Google SERP.

Some people say it is good to go with .in Domain hence, it helps your website rank higher on SERP in India. Some people will also say that it doesn’t matter if you use .in or a different top-level domain. 

Nevertheless, both are not completely true. Content quality and site structure both influence the success of your site. Yes, You don’t need a .com Domain Name to rank globally and many sites are registered .in Domain Extension and they are ranking globally.

But, that doesn’t mean .com isn’t a good option. It is the oldest and most trusted TLD worldwide. But now there are other options also like, .edu, .net, .org, .gov. it is your call that will suit your business URL. Finding desired .com Domain Name is also not easy, and many Domain Names are used and it cost you a lot.

.in Domain Name is available at the lowest price compared to .com and its good for the business established in India.

How Many Top-Level Domains Are There?

.com is famous and everyone must have heard about it. But there is another Domain Name Extension that you can choose for your Business Website, i.e, .in. 2015 Top TLDs Divide into six Categories, and they are categorized as Generic Domain Names. Sponsored Domain Name, Test Domain, Infrastructure Domain Name, Restricted Domains, and Country Code Domain Names. 

There are dozens of Country Code Domain available, and I can’t list them for you. Some of CCTLDs are open to registration, some are restricted to use only by residents of that Country, and some are only used by the government. Each country sets its own registration rules and regulations for registering a domain name.  

Who Can Register For .in Domain Name?

.in Domain Extension is allocated Country Code Top Level Domain Name for Indian Residents, Government Entities, Public Service Organizations, individuals, and business. It helps them to establish their Indian Identity on the internet using unique and short Top-Level Domain Name. 

NIXI (National Internet Exchange Of India) is known as .in Domain Registry is the sponsor, and Hotbillo Hosting Solution is the Back-end provider .In Extension ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain Name ) that represents India.

Individual Registrant can register for a maximum of 2 Domain and for a registered company it is 100.

Registration Restriction

For .in Domain Registration, individuals, businesses, and others just need to follow this requirement.

  • 3-63 Characters Must use
  • You can use A-Z characters, 0-9 Numbers, and Hyphens (except for the first and last characters of the domain name)
  • Special Characters are not allowed
  • IDNs Not Supported


Registration Length 1-10 years

Renewal Length 1-10 Years

  • You can renew .in Domain Name on its Expiration Date. Automatic renewal occurs at the time of expiration.
  • If the renewal attempt fails, you can reattempt ten days later, and if it fails 2nd time, you can reattempt after five days.
  • You cannot do it manually if auto-renew fails. You must redeem it after the 17th day. There is a charge for the redemption.

Transfer to Hostbillo;

Supported and 7.48$ is the Lowest Cost you Pay for .in Domain Name

Does .in Domain Name Affect Your SEO?

.in Domain name For SEO

Yes, Domain Names affect SEO.

But other factors also matter for ranking higher on SERP. Your business website needs to have quality content and backlinks, and it should load fast on the internet. All these factors play a role in how successful your website is.

Search engine rankings can be improved by choosing a good domain name. And a poor domain name can be disastrous. Choose Domain Name Carefully.

You can use these Best Practices of SEO for your domain name.

Good TLD Gives Positive Effect

Choosing the right Domain Name is significantly important for the business to gain a higher ranking. Your Domain Name is what people perceive your website as.

Use .in Domain for maintaining a positive reputation. If you can register for .in Domain it would be best for you in India.

Domain Name Must be Short

A shorter Domain name is easy to remind, read, understand and share. Short Domain Name Shows Professionality and Authority and both are important for SEO Rankings.

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Domain Name Must be Memorable

In India, people use .in Domain extension By Default, It is easy to remind. In addition to being a short domain, it is comfortable to pronounce, remember, and type. Avoid word that is difficult to spell and hyphen also.

Use Keywords Wisely in Domain Name

Use the relevant and important keywords in the domain name. But it doesn’t seem like spam, and if it would, Search Engines can penalize it.

Use a Broad keyword that defines your business brand name, and use it to create a unique Domain Name.

Final Thought

Creating your business website feels like starting a business from scrap. You need to take care of the domain name, find the right web hosting solution company, and design your website.

Registering a .in domain name in India is one of the best ways to generate traffic in India. It helps you to enhance website credibility to improve SEO Rankings.

There are dozens of Web hosting Providers who provide .in domain at the lowest price possible. You can get your desired Domain name with Hostbillo.

Hostbillo Hosting Solution provides you .in Domain Name at just 7.48$ per year. For a low price, you will get all the benefits of a .in domain.

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