6 Pieces of Driving Technology Not to Miss

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Last updated on August 24th, 2022 at 11:32 am

Tech advancements in the automotive industry have been hitting new highs in recent years for obvious reasons. You see, as convenient as they are, automobiles have always been a leading cause of injury-causing and fatal accidents.

Finding new ways of making vehicles safer and even more convenient is something many manufacturers and industry experts are constantly working on.

The efforts are paying off as we can see various emerging technologies that will revolutionize the way we drive. These smart, innovative creations might be what you’ve been waiting for.

Let’s take you through a few pieces of driving technology you shouldn’t miss out on.

  1. Lane Control Technology

You may have deviated off your lane a few times before. You may have been distracted, dozed off, or tired. Departing from one’s lane is a common and hazardous occurrence that could have devastating results on the road. https://magazineworld.net/

Considering being distracted is the leading cause of deviating from the lane, you could be charged with wrongful death in case of a fatal accident.

Technologies like lane departure warnings alert you to lane deviations before it’s too late. 

Audi’s Digital Matrix LED lighting is another genius invention that could really contribute to road safety. The headlight technology uses AI and LED lighting to control the direction, shape, and intensity of light while also allowing a brighter shine on lane lines to prevent deviations at night.

  1. Dynamic Cruise Control

Dynamic Cruise Control, better known as Adaptive Cruise Control, is a smart system that assists a driver in remaining within the speed limit and at a safe following distance.

Considering difficulties maintaining a safe following distance are a huge cause of traffic accidents, the system couldn’t have emerged at a better time.

The ACC uses sensors and cameras to detect other objects and warn you of potential hazards.

  1. Night Vision Gear

Seeing clearly on the road at night has always been a problem for motorists. Certain weather conditions also affect visibility, making it dangerous to drive.

A company at the forefront of augmented reality has come up with a digital vision technology that allows you to view objects from a distance and respond to them sooner.

The technology, still early in implementation, is presently acquired by the US Army. If adopted in the automotive industry, it’d do a great deal in improving nighttime driving.

  1. Parking Assistance System

Parking appropriately can be challenging for many. Have you ever driven into a parking lot and left frustrated because people weren’t parking properly and ended up misusing precious space?

Well, the emergence of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) has allowed vehicles to have all kinds of intelligent functions, one of which is parking assistance technology.

The parking assistance system employs cameras and sensors that detect the vehicle’s position on the parking spot, indicating its distance from other objects. The driver-assist functionality also enables vehicles to park on their own.

  1. Autonomous Technology

Did you know self-driving cars were a staple in Sci-fi films, the same way flying cars are a staple now? 

Well, driverless vehicles are a reality now and are becoming readily available to the public.

Self-driving vehicles use artificial intelligence, sensors, and cameras to collect real-time data and use it to drive themselves.

These smart cars attempt to address the problem of human error by taking most of the work out of the hands of the driver. If you often struggle to maintain focus behind the wheel, driverless autos may be the solution you need.

  1. Electric Vehicles (EVs)

It may be the end of the road for vehicles running on fossil fuel due to the emergence of electric vehicles. These eco-friendly vehicles have taken the automotive industry by storm, going up 40% in sales in 2020 alone.

Basically, when global car sales continue to drop, electric vehicle sales are soaring with every industry development. 

You probably think it won’t be possible for EVs to be accessible to the public the way fuel vehicles are. However, the major issues that hindered the mass adoption of EVs were the high costs of the vehicles and battery problems.

However, manufacturers are already trying to outdo one another in addressing these issues and making electric vehicles available to everyone. Let’s just say you should keep an eye out as this is a technology you don’t want to miss.

Final Thoughts

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The automotive industry is constantly evolving at a fast pace. Things that may have appeared impossible a few decades ago are commonplace now. If you’re following up on some interesting emerging technologies, chances are they’ll be adopted. 

The technologies on this list will change how you drive forever. You don’t want to miss out on them.

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