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Custom E-Cigarette Boxes
Custom E-Cigarette Boxes
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Last updated on September 16th, 2022 at 10:36 pm

Custom e-cigarette boxes – With the mushrooming of E-cigarette products, tobacco-producing industries are not trying hard to promote their brand so they can maintain their position. When a customer visits the market they find hundreds of e-cigarette brands on retail shelves which often make it difficult for them to choose one. Every brand in its capacity uses different tactics to make the packaging attractive. Boring and unattractive packaging has no place in the market now because such products rot on the retail shelves and nobody even bothered to have a look at them. These boxes not only damage the brand image but also cause you significant loss in terms of unused expired products. storyretelling

Packaging of e-cigarette is very important because it adds life to the product outlook which plays a huge role in product sales. These boxes leave a positive impact on your customer and result in the differentiation of your brand from others in the market. When we talk about packaging boxes the first and foremost thing that comes to mind is the material used for packaging boxes. The material of E-cigarette boxes is very important due to the following reasons.  

  1. E-cigarette safety is dependent on the material used for packaging 
  2. The outlook of E-cigarette is directly affected by the quality used for custom e- cigarette boxes. 
  3. The packaging budget is derived from the material used.

E-cigarette manufacturers are always worried about the product packaging because they want to give their products the best custom e cigarette boxes without exceeding their budgets. There are usually four types of material that can be used to create custom-quality E cigarette boxes. Materials include: 

  • Cardboard 
  • Kraft 
  • Corrugated stock 
  • Bux board 

All of these materials have a stronghold which makes them the perfect option to provide security to e-cigarettes.  trafficnap

These materials are not only perfect for the protection of you is spirit but they also offer to perfectly advertise your products in the market. Just by printing your logo, brand name, slogans, and product-related information you can just convert your simple packaging boxes into effective marketing tools for your business. It is important to pay special attention to designing, coloring, and printing your boxes to make the source of attraction for customers. 

If you are confused about the choice of materials for your E-cigarette then give this article a read as here we will give you an overview of all the best 4 materials that can be used for the packaging of E-cigarettes.

  • Kraft:

Kraft is an eco-friendly material that has superior quality. This material is safe for surroundings. it can be recycled or reused. Kraft E-cigarette boxes are biodegradable which means that they naturally decompose in nature without leaving any toxins or poisonous gases. The strength of Kraft boxes is unquestionably amazing as they can bear heavy pressures and adverse climatic conditions.

It keeps the E-cigarette safe from moisture, humidity, heat, microbe, and shock due to which the product reaches the customer in its original quality. Kraft is usually brown but can be colored to suit your brand personality. This material can be easily customized in any shape, size, and painting style. 

  1. Cardboard:

Cardboard is comparatively stronger than Kraft and is in constant use for the production of custom boxes wholesale for e-cigarettes. This material is famous for its tea price and high strength.  E-cigarette manufacturers prefer cardboard custom e-cigarette boxes because it is affordable and give a beautiful look to the products. Cardboard can also be used reused and recycled to make the environment green.

Cardboard is a highly flexible and versatile material that you can use to cut in any shape or size in style. This material gives amazing printing results and shows off color combinations more elegantly. Another amazing feature of cardboard is that it’s light with material that reduces your shipping costs significantly. 

  1. Corrugated stock:

Corrugated stock is stronger than cardboard and Kraft. This material is highly sturdy and is considered perfect for long-distance shipping. The strength of this material can be adjusted according to the level of protection required by your E-cigarettes. The customization of this material is also easy however it requires more effort than needed for cardboard or Kraft.

Logos and other branding elements on these custom e-cigarette boxes help to make new audiences aware of your products. Corrugated stock doesn’t need any packaging safety materials like packaging peanuts or bubble wrap as this material is strong enough to keep the E-cigarette in its original condition despite the severity of weather and mishandling.

  1. Bux board:

Bux board is a cost-effective packaging solution. This is a rugged surface material that provides excellent protection to the encased E-cigarettes. This can be customized in several ways to suit your product packaging needs. This material is considered suitable for shipping E-cigarettes to retail markets. 

Choose quality wisely as it matters a lot:

The safety and protection of e-cigarettes depend upon the quality of material chosen for packaging boxes. You can only impress your consumer if you ensure that they get the product in its mint condition. Choose the material wisely while keeping your e-cigarette needs in mind so that your material can provide maximum protection to your product which will increase the value of your brand. Choosing all the above materials offers good protection to products and easy customization options. However, if you are still confused Custom boxes zone is just a call away from you. Contact us and we will be happy to help you.


E-cigarette consumption is increasing as more and more people are becoming aware of the harmful impacts of smoking on their health. Chinese takeout boxes manufacturers are always worried about the safety of their product because they know that if the product will reach the customer in that damaged condition it will ruin the brand image. They are always looking for high-quality materials to ensure that E-cigarette remains safe on the retail shelf and during shipping.

Many materials can be used for making packaging boxes for E-cigarettes but the most famous are cardboard, Kraft, corrugated stock, and bux board. All these materials are cost-effective and durable. These materials can be customized using different styles and printing techniques to give the brand a competitive edge over others in the market. E-cigarette boxes look attractive and catch customer’s attention. These boxes build a positive brand image and increase the product sales

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