Earthquake proof infrastructure in Pakistan

Earthquake proof
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Last updated on September 11th, 2022 at 04:42 pm


The dangerous effect of the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan compelled the city authorities and government stakeholders to formulate the new strategies affiliated with disaster management and disaster-resilient development. The seismic activity in earth may wreak havoc; however, with the current innovations in the construction sector, earthquake resilient building are being constructed by modifying the designs and different infrastructures of new buildings. The planet earth is jolted around 20,000 times every year, as claimed by the financial report by the National Earthquake Information Center. With such rapid earthquakes and to evade any destructive event and losses of human life, an earthquake-proof architecture provides the best solution. Estate Land Marketing highlights all the benefits the earthquake-proof architecture through this blog. On the other side, the project developers and the contractors have understood the requirement to develop earthquake resilient buildings, as it increases their integrity in the market. Click here kingdom valley

Why is Earthquake-Proof Architecture Mandatory?

The answer of this query lies in the geological grounds of Pakistan. More than ten land faults in the entire country make a web of fault lines. Amongst all the other fault lines, the Chaman fault seems to be a major one. It spans over more than 850km and also extends to southern parts of Afghanistan. Apart from that, Salt Range and Hindukush are some of the other main faults, making it vulnerable to intermittent jolts. So, viewing the entire geology of Pakistan, a lot of architecture and development activities might be resilient to the frequency of earthquakes i.e. park view city islamabad Geological perspective aside, there are severe financial disadvantages linked to the damage caused by earthquakes. The estimates by World Bank (WB) report suggest that the financial implications involve losses of around 2.6pc of the entire GDP. Furthermore, it is also believed that if the 2005 disaster occurred today, the damages could have been $2.8bn only in residential plots.

Missing factors

The non-ductile structures are professionally constructed, which means the structures built from concrete would be inflexible and brittle on not permanent basis. Another main factor that pops up this situation and later amalgamates to produce a worst picture with the latter doesn’t have enough study of cohesion between the seismic vulnerability knowledge and also for the buildings as per the government regulation. In order to avoid any unfortunate event, such missing factors must be rectified and dealt with on the basis of priority. As not properly planned and illegal housing ventures are increasing their investment in different areas, observing the Pakistan Building Code (PBC), 2007, in such vicinities donot exist. So, such institutions and areas are sensitive to environmental dangers that can be a reason for different fatalities.

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 The benefit of Having an Earthquake-Proof Structure

Pakistan is not only a victim of seismic dangers; but there are multiple other nation all over the world where people have witnessed the most dangerous after effects of this natural disaster. However, for more than decades or centuries, engineers all over the world, along with the Pakistani ones, have started working on this problem solutions, and in some countries, there has been a tremendous improvement in the entire situation. For example, an earthquake with more than 8.8 Richter scale attacked Chile in 2010, and killed more than 700 individuals, whereas a mild seismic disaster of 7.0 magnitude killed more than 2 million in Haiti.

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The only reason behind such dire causalities and damages in both areas is earthquake-proof building constructions and innovations. In Chile, the buildings are top class and are developed by keeping the different seismic shocks in sight, which was the reason that despite being affected by an earthquake of huge magnitude, the damages and causalities were not much high. Apart from the above-mentioned disasters, there are numerous other examples in the history of world from which one can easily understand the difference an earthquake building may make.


Moreover, the structures and foundations of building must be made resistant to avoid pressure. Normally, earthquakes have more dangerous effects on buildings with huge height because of multi-storey systems, which put a burden on the huge ground floor walls. So, the wall of base must be made using unique earthquake-proof standards of construction.

Currenty, the geological experts in Pakistan and around the world are constantly using the latest innovations and techniques to carve out methods to combat damaging effectsof earthquake. Estate Land Marketing would guide you more about earthquake resitent solutions.

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