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Canon is a well-known Japanese company and is well known for producing innovative imaging products. In addition to cameras and other optical devices, Canon also manufactures printers. You can get a wide range of printers from Canon, from advanced inkjets to large lasers. You can buy different types of Canon models. One of the most popular Canon printers is the Pixma. You can find a wide range of inkjet printers available. Canon Pixma is very popular among office and home users. These printers deliver excellent print quality. You can also print photos of very good quality. These printers have a simple interface and you can configure these printers with any device. This article will help you to know How to setup Canon Pixma TR5620a?

How will you setup the Canon Pixma TR5620a?

If you are using a printer on a PC use cable configuring your Canon printer using a cable is simple and efficient. Another benefit of using cables is speed. The printer offers better speed on cable connections. But before connecting to the printer you need to prepare the device first. 

Unpack your Canon printer and check for the power cable and now connect the power cord to the wall outlet. Some people still plug the power cord into the UPS, but you should only use a wall outlet for the printer. Now press the power button and the power light will begin to glow. Carefully inspect the cartridges and install them. Now insert the input and output trays on the printer. Align the pages and load them into the input tray. Next, you can move on How to setup Canon Pixma TR5620a?

After preparing the printer you need to check your PC. Your Canon printer only works if you have drivers. All Canon printers have different software/drivers. You must install the correct driver for the printer. If your PC has a disc drive you can use the driver CD. Take the CD you received with your Canon printer, run the software, and install it on the device. But when you don’t have a driver disk you can get settings for your printer from the Canon website, go to the Canon website and search for drivers.

Make sure you are downloading the drivers for the correct version. You can choose your OS to download. Now install the drivers and you can now easily set up your Canon printer on your PC. If you follow the above procedure you are clear about How to setup Canon Pixma TR5620a?

What are the steps to setup the canon Pixma TR5620a?

Most of the peoples are confusedabout How to setup Canon Pixma TR5620a? The below steps will help you to setup your printer in an easy way. The steps are given by,

  • You can use a USB cable and connect the printer to the PC.
  • Your Canon Pixma TR5620a printer will start scanning for drivers.
  • Your Canon printer will display the connection status.
  • Now you have to add the printer to the list.
  • Click the start button on setting
  • Hit on the device and go to Printers and Scanners.
  • Now you can select the Add Printer or Scanner option.
  • Wait a few minutes until the PC finds all nearby printers.
  • On the screen you will find number of available device
  • Click on the Canon Pixma TR5620a printer and press the Add Device button.

Your Canon Pixma TR5620a is now configured to your PC. Send print commands from PC and print easily.

How will you connect Canon Pixma TR5620a to Wifi?

Canon printers also have a Wi-Fi connection feature. You can connect the printer using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but the function must be available for both. You can use a wireless connection when the cable is not available. A wireless connection is very useful for connecting the printer to your phone or tablet. You can also connect your Canon Pixma TR5620a to the network. After connecting the printer to the network you can share the printer with other devices easily.

The steps to connect the Canon Pixma TR5620a to wifi are given by,

  • First, you can go to your Canon Pixma TR5620a printer and enable the Wi-Fi button.
  • On your PC, make sure your Wi-Fi is enabled.
  • Go to Devices and tap on Printers & Scanners.
  • Your computer will begin searching for available printers.
  • Review the Canon Pixma TR5620a on the list.
  • Finally you can click on the printer name and tap on the Add button. Your Canon Pixma TR5620a is now added to your PC. Make sure you have the necessary printer drivers on the system. Now send print commands from your PC/phone and print wirelessly.

From the above discussion, you can get a clear idea about How to setup Canon Pixma TR5620a? If you are still facing issues with setup your canon Pixma TR5620a then you can contact customer support.

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