Education Draws a Clear Difference in Right and Wrong In Front of Society


Education and educational sectors both have great demand in the market. As it is a matter of life and it is as necessary as our daily necessities. Self-education is self-awareness. It enhances our abilities, and our intellectual skills and it makes our learning better. The study is the nourishment of the soul. The students of today are encouraged to become the leaders of tomorrow. Education has given the best opportunities to women. The study has played a significant role in women’s empowerment and gender equality. It is playing a fundamental role in the basis of a country. Studying enlightens the minds of people and it should be our prime priority which is totally based on continuous learning. The learning phase should never be stopped.

If we want to move our country to the betterment then we will have to make our studies system better first. It can help people to choose their rights for themselves. Punjab is working on this feature to make our studies better. The Punjab School is counted as a good learning school because of its skilled staff with technical studies. Why I am emphasizing schools because it is the very initial step toward education.

So it should be improved first. Not only study, we need to work on their enjoyment as well. Government should open Best Playgroup School in Lahore. They should educate the students with different activities as it can keep them fresh to learn and perform in a good manner. Schools are the basic need of society and education is the demand of time.

Are schools necessary to get an education?

This is not so obvious that knowledge can only be achieved at schools. Yeah, schools are the place where we get educated and we enhance our knowledge and interpersonal skills but it is not better to say that we can get the knowledge only from the educational sectors. Knowledge can be achieved from anywhere we can read books anywhere but schools make us capable to do so. So, firstly we need to be educated, then we can do it on our own, once we are able to read and write, it makes us capable of gaining knowledge. So yes, schools play a mandatory role in the construction of basic studies of any person.,

How are things different for educated and uneducated people?

Things are quite different for both because an educated person is aware of right and wrong. An educated person is aware of the basic rights and duties on the other site, but an uneducated person is not so intellectual to perform the duties well in society because he is totally unaware of the basics. An uneducated person cannot go to the depth of things smartly because an uneducated person does not know enough knowledge to distinguish things what is right and what is wrong.

An educated person can make the right decisions in life. Education makes people smart enough to choose something better for themselves to perform their best duties in society while uneducated people will make the wrong decisions based on their lack of knowledge.

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How education is helping different sectors?

It is helping different sectors in different ways as it is the only key to the future and success because in today’s time, wherever you see you find education everywhere, it is so essential to be educated it is spreading everywhere. If we see hospitals then doctors are the reason behind that. If we go to universities then professors are the reason behind that. If we go to banks then bank managers or bankers are the reason behind that. If we go to restaurants then restaurant managers are the reason for running the business. If we take a flight then pilots are the reason for it.

In short wherever we go, wherever we see we only find one common feature in everything which is education. So, everyone is well aware of the importance of education which can never be neglected. This is the reason why we emphasize schools and their studies. Our government should establish Best Playgroup School in Lahore because it can help our students to study with entertainment. They can show their skills more actively and it keeps their mind fresh to work more efficiently. So briefly knowledge is the food of the mind.

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