Productivity Tips To Make Studying Easy

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Productivity Tips To Make Studying Easy


Productivity Tips To Make Studying Easy

Productivity Tips To Make Studying Easy

Studying can be a challenge when you do not even how or when to start. Most of the time, students deal with difficulties studying not because they are lazy but because of a lack of planning. First of all, it is important to address that everyone’s study habits are different. People learn differently in different ways. And so, finding the best and most effective way to study is not something that comes easily for many.

Places like coworking spaces and libraries are good options as effective learning spaces. Some people would prefer being in the comforts of their home. Surprisingly there are even students who can study effortlessly in loud and crowded areas such as public transportation. This just shows that there are no specific formula or secret that makes learning possible for everyone.

However, when it comes to studying, there is a key factor that you need to address – productivity. Productivity is what prompts you to work. When it comes to productivity, your learning does not become the center of your work but the work itself. This means accomplishing more tasks and becoming more efficient overall.

Being productive at studying is beneficial because your collective effort will affect your learning experience. This will also make different activities more evident for you so that you can take accountability for your own learning.

There are no specific tips to suddenly acing your exams, but there are some solid ways that can help boost your productivity. Here are some of them:

Set A Timer For Each Task

Time is an important element in productivity. Ideally, time will be able to identify the amount of work you need to do. Once you determine how much time you have and can allot to studying, you can plan each task ahead. This emphasizes the need to have discipline in order to follow and accomplish your assigned tasks on time.

If you are working on multiple tasks, set a time for each task you are going to do. This will help you to be more focused at work because of time pressure. Time constraints are also effective for you to work faster. The same goes when it comes to writing. Using a timer can push your brain to produce more thoughts and ideas. The key to managing your time is to write as fast as you can then take your time editing on the remaining time.

Re-Write Your Notes

Re-writing notes might seem redundant and unnecessary at first but it is actually very helpful to train your memory. The point of re-writing is the recall aspect of it. You can choose to read your existing notes first, research on them, or add comments and more information. With this strategy, you get to revisit your notes and make use of something new out of them too.

A sharp mind is important in learning. It does not take a genius to have a sharp mind. In fact, it can be learned. Making exercises such as re-writing class notes help sharpen the mind and improve memory. This will also be a good opportunity to understand topics you struggled with. Going through them the second or even time around can improve your understanding of them.

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Have A Comfortable Study Area

When you are studying, comfort is important to take into consideration. This is because you have to be in a relaxed environment. This, in turn, will relax your mind. For example, being far from noise can help your thought process to become clearer. Other factors such as the size of space, posture, ventilation, and lighting can also play a role in your learning experience. They only strain your body and put pressure on you to focus.

While forcing yourself to focus can be done, it is not always the best way to become more attentive at studying. Focus comes from comfort so that you don’t get distracted by the things that surround you easily. You can also block negative thoughts better. This will come in handy to better process information.

Get Rid Of Distractions

There are many sources of distraction that might be around you when you are studying. Smartphones, television, kids, and pets can become a distraction that will hinder learning. If these are things you easily get distracted with, it will be best to be in a different room from them. If you get used to working with your phone beside you, you can turn it off or put it a few feet away from you.

Phones are one of the major causes of distractions from learning. Since the activities you do on your own can be random and your users can be abrupt, it can make you process information slowly. Not to mention that you will waste from studying. If you want to utilize your phone for studying, there are productivity apps you can use. You can take notes with your phone, use a timer, or use it as a dictionary.

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Key Takeaway

Studying can be a burdensome job for many. Some would even think that studying and suffering go hand in hand. While there is a level of difficulty that might come with it, studying should not always be seen in a bad light. For decades, the education system has challenged students to become better students. They are expected to do more and learn more. The thing is, these things will also be hard if they do not come from willingness.

To be able to learn right, you must want it. Setting goals for yourself is what will push you to do better. It will also prompt you to exert efforts to improve yourself and study. Learning is always fun. It can be self-serving. However, it is not always the same for studying. So, learning how to be productive is key to making it happen.

From setting a timer to getting rid of distractions, knowing what works will help on your learning journey and improve your study habits.


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