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The decision is yours. Now I’m not saying that spending money on paid ads, PPV, PPC, media buying and the whole alphabet of ads won’t get you traffic, I’m just saying that if you have deep enough pockets to pay for these things, you have the answer. in front. Regardless of whether you are new to the game. Almost anyone who takes their own website marketing into their own hands (or even some marketing companies) should have a better chance of making money without losing a lot of money. Finding paid advertisers and monetized ads takes time, it costs money, and eventually you get buy backlinks for SEO customers. But can you even wait that long? I’m not the same. Now I have to earn money.

Now you ask, “How can thousands of people

 see me without having to buy PPC or media?” It’s easy… background. I know you’ve heard of backups, but do you know what they are and how to get them? The importance of background cannot be underestimated; They are the only foundation that will help you achieve a higher page rank and should be the focus of your SEO strategy. This redirects your URL from a specific site (EDU or GOV for higher authority) back to your site. We’ve all heard how much Google loves authority sites. Good contacts like PR 5-9 contacts will help you achieve this.

Viewable Page Rank . Actual PageRank

There are several ways to check PageRank: apparent PageRank and real PageRank. Visible PageRank is the number we see most often 1, 2, 3 and so on. Google updates this PageRank every 3-6 months. Actual PageRank is the actual PageRank of your site. Only Google has this information and it has a huge impact on your ranking.

As Google says, “High-value, high-quality websites get a higher page rank, which Google remembers every time it does a search. Of course, high-value pages mean nothing to you when they do.” Do not match the keywords you want. Therefore and the content of related pages) to see if it applies to your question.”

Google may calculate and update the actual Page Rank frequently,

 but the visual PageRank is updated for the public every 3-6 months (current situation). It is also possible that the page ranking displayed during the update reflects historical data. So a page that you think has a Visible PageRank of 0 may be a 2 or 3 in Google’s “eyes”.

PageRank is a link analysis algorithm used by the online search engine Google that assigns a numerical weight to each element of a linked set of documents (such as the World Wide Web) based on its relative importance for grouping for “standard purposes”. … The PageRank function of Google Tools shows the PageRank value of the visited page between 0-10 as an integer

Webmasters look at PageRank to help them measure

the effectiveness of their website or blog’s backend. The most important question is how many backlinks do you need to rank your page? It’s not just about the amount of background, it’s about the quality of these connections Although no one can know Google PageRank values, the table below gives a good idea of ​​how many backbends certain PageRank values ​​require to achieve a certain Google PageRank value.

It’s important to remember that getting links from big PR sites isn’t the only metric – “PageRank” (also known as link juice) where links are divided by the number of links leading to a page depending on PageRank.

Almost every day people ask me what is good communication?

 It might not immediately come to mind, but the answer to this question is really simple. Most people believe that any backlink from a page with a good Google PageRank is a “good” link. I disagree with you. In fact, I’ve built a lot of quality link building service to pages that match normal PageRank and ANCMO sees little to no change in the SERPs. Here’s the reason:

First, with so many spammers and marketers trying to game Google every day, the search giant is constantly looking for new ways to analyze backend quality. Over the years many ways have been found to achieve this, but whatever the method, it really depends on what Google really wants, whether it’s real “voice” from another site or just advertised there. , separates it from its value.


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