Effective Ways To Reset Your Canon Printer

reset canon printer reset tool

Canon printer is the most famous one among the many of the printer users as this is providing the good printing solution that too in both the color and also black and white modes. The problems in the canon printer will occur sometimes and this is the reason that you should have to use the proper canon printer reset tool for solving the issue. This is a reliable tool and is useful for resetting the canon printer at any time. The resetting options that you are getting from this tool will be from the old model printer to the new model one. The service manual that is provided with the canon printer will be useful for resetting either manually or using the tool.

Steps to perform the reset in canon printer

The cannon printer will be a more interesting one for the printing of anything more accurately without any delay and also in good quality. The problems in the cannon are the common ones and during this kind of situation, it is necessary to use the tools to reset them.

  • First, you have to enter into the service mode for resetting the canon printer. Therefore for this, you have to turn off the printer and make sure that the AC source is connected and also the USB cable is connected to the pc.
  • Then you have to press and hold the buttons like stop, reset, resume and cancel buttons.
  • You also have to press and hold the ON/ power button.
  • Now you have to leave the stop/ reset/ resume/ cancel buttons and keep and hold the ON/power buttons.
  • Again you have to press the stop, reset, resume and cancel buttons up to six times. During these pressing periods, you have to hold the ON/power button on the other hand.
  • This will make the LED that is present in the printer light green or blue. The blinking of the light will occur in the initial stage and when the blinking stops then the printer is entered into service mode.
  • This is it then you can simply open the canon printer reset tool and then start to reset the Canon printer.

You have to use the proper canon printer reset tool according to the printer model that you’re using which will give an effective resetting process. This will reset the waste ink counter value of the canon printer to zero.

Manual resetting is also possible

Instead of using the canon printer reset tool, you can also use the manual resetting process. This is also the simple and easiest process only which will be helpful for resetting happily. The same process of pressing the Stop/Reset/Resume/Cancel button is pressed and holding the ON/power button. This will let your printer enter into the service mode. During this time you have to simply use the manual resetting like pressing the stop/reset/resume/cancel button four times and then the ON/power button for one time. This is enough and that will make the printer reset immediately. The flashing of the blue or green light will come which will not blink. This means that the printer completely resets and so the waste ink counter value is set to zero.

Then when you reset the printer you have to turn off the printer using the power button that is present. Then again after a few seconds, you have to turn on it. Thus your printer is ready to work with a full reset.

The general tool resetting process

Here you have to follow the method of entering into the service mode using the above methods that is present.

Then here you have to use the general tool that is suitable for your printer model. You can also check the best tool that is suitable for your canon printer in the manual of the printer that you are having.

Another method to follow for resetting using service tools

  • The canon printer reset tool is always the best one for resetting the counter value to zero in the waste ink counter value. Another method for this kind of resetting is you have to unplug the USB cable of the printer that is connecting to the computer. Then you have to open the service tool.
  • After this, you have to open the canon printer reset tool and then load A4 or other paper in it.
  • Print the EEPROM information before the reset here.
  • Reset the ink counter properly set the destination and then click on the SET.
  • Now you have to print the EEPROM information again that is present after the reset.
  • Then you can simply compare the information about the EEPROM before and after reset and that will give you the idea of whether everything is good or not.
  • Now when you feel it is good then you can simply turn it off using the ON/power button that is present.
  • You have to wait for a few seconds to turn on the printer again. That is it your printer is ready for use.

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