Efootball: The Thrill in Simplest Version

Efootball: The Thrill in Simplest Version

Efootball, which was previously known as Pro Evolution Soccer or PES as an international game was developed by Konami. In Japan and also in North America, it is known by the name “Winning Eleven”. 

It is a series of association football games that consists of about eighteen main episodes and many spin-offs. It includes the mobile game Pro Evolution Soccer Club manager. The game series has sold 111 million copies and succeeded in listing itself as a best-selling game franchise. It has a large number of mobile downloads of up to 400 million downloads. 

“The Guardian” has regarded the Efootball as “greatest rivalry” in the field of sports video games. 


In this gameplay, the player controls a selected player or the as a whole. Objectives in this gameplay are the same as the rules of association football. This series includes a variety of modes like Online and Offline modes and Kick-Off mode. There is also an editing mode, where you can select players of your choice. 

Thachu Level League:

Thach Level League is a mode of Efootball that gives the player a total hold on team selection. Here you have the option to change the entire settings to default. You can play with default players again. Brazillian forward Castolo is very popular among people who play master league. These players help to turn the game in your favor. They can gain points for you by winning matches, cups, and leagues too. 

In this mode, the growth and decline curves for players were added. This is a new criterion for purchasing players. 

Editing Option:

Many people who are in love with Efootball, like to edit the names of the players with the people they like most in real life. The experts of the game use patches (an option) where they edit the game code and change the graphs to include the appropriate kits for teams, different stadiums, and footballs. Footballs are likely to be included from brands like Nike, Puma, Mitre, Umbro, and even Adidas. 

ISS Pro Series:

Efootball has been outlined from Goal Storm which is known as World Soccer Winning Eleven in Japan. This computer game was developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo. It was released in 1996. The first game released in 1995 was Winning Eleven and it was for PlayStation. It included 14 clubs that participated in J.League in 1995. The Konami Entertainment Tokyo produced three games under the banner of ISS Pro for the market in Europe. The Winning Eleven was for all other countries of the world. 

Efootball 2022:

You can enjoy the thrilling experience of Efootball with “Efootball 2022“. This is a free version playing. Anybody can use it to enjoy and have fun. 

Anjali Heera

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