Elements to Add to Your Website Design. A Free Guide


As of 2022, a website is the prime requirement of a business. A good website brings more customers and fame to its brand. However, a poor website might be of no use. Moreover, it could be a shame to have one for your business.

However, the question is, what is a good website? Different people have different answers to this question. As a result, with our research, we present this guide to help you understand all the features a good website contains. This research also corresponds with an Australian web design company. Thus, we assure you of the authenticity. 

Continue reading to educate yourself about creating one of the best websites. 

Features That Make a Website Worth Remembering:

This guide will teach you about the top 8 elements a website should contain. That includes:

  • Easy navigation
  • Visuals 
  • Content
  • Typography 
  • SEO
  • Mobile-accessibility
  • Branding
  • Connecting with the customers

Easy Navigation:

Making easy navigation part of a website is one of the easiest ways to make it more user-friendly. One thing that every user expects is to get all the information on the home page. However, this is not possible. Creating a website is only possible if you provide all the information on a single page.

Thus, to solve this problem, you can provide them with a few details about all parts of your brand on the home page. Moreover, you can indicate to them what your firm offers. As a result, your clients will know whether they want to work with you or they don’t. 

Most importantly, your homepage should be easy to use. Because if your viewers will have to put effort into acquiring information about your brand, there is a high chance they quit your website and approach any of your competitors. 


An exemplary visual aspect always works to gain more customers. We, humans, are visually oriented creatures. As a result, graphics attract us. And the viewers of your website are no different. No viewer would pay much attention to a website they haven’t previously used. Thus, you have a maximum timespan of five seconds to impress the viewer and make them stay longer at your website.

As you already know, the best way to attract a viewer is to increase the aesthetics of a website. You can make scrolling text, animation, and flash intros a part of your website. These are the key features used to create a more attractive website. Moreover, you would always want to keep your business website up with the trend, and these elements would be your perfect choice.


Once you have managed to make the viewers stay on your website, the next thing that requires your focus is the content on your website. While creating the content for your website, keep in mind that your viewers might be new to your brand. Thus, they do not have any previous knowledge about your brand. As a result, firstly, you need to explain yourself. 

Furthermore, we suggest you use easy terminologies to help people understand you better. No doubt you would want to make the viewers your customers. Thus, you need to make sure your content is up-to-date and original. Moreover, keep improvising your content from time to time. It will help engage the viewers better if they visit your website after a long period.

Lastly, we suggest you use images to portray products and services offered by your firm. By doing so, your viewers engage better with the website and have a better idea about your company. 


What you tell people matters, but do you know what matters more? The way you present it. You only have a few choices when delivering written content to the viewers. However, it is possible to make your content more likable by choosing the correct typeface. 

Most web designers prefer sticking to different serif fonts, and we suggest you do the same. Only some people visiting your website would pick this typeface for their use. But your goal is to make your website representable and reflective, and we assure you that using a font like comic sans will never give you your desired results.

It is natural to second-guess your chosen typeface.  Thus, if this is difficult for you, ask a friend to do so. They have yet to read your content. As a result, they will decide better and fairly. Moreover, choose a typeface that makes your content look easily readable. Remember, you must choose the typeface that suits your website better than everyone else.


A website designed aesthetically and with perfectly written content will only be useful if it is web-friendly. According to Google, a web-friendly website offers recognizable links and uses different links throughout its pages to help move visitors around to similar content.

As a result, you must reassure that your web designer uses major browsers, meta tags, and alt tags to improve the SEO of your website. For those who don’t know, SEO stands for search engine optimization. It helps enhance the visibility of a website. As a result, the website stands among the top Google searches. 

Moreover, another way to make SEO  a part of your website is by using keywords that google provides. More keywords you use, the more the chance your website will be ranked top. However, ignoring SEO would lead to a loss. If your website isn’t ranked top, there is no way people will know about your brand.


As you know, we live in a fast world, and things remain undone without technology. You must also realize the most accessible technology is mobile among different industries. But here we are talking about the viewers. 

As of 2022, five years ago, mobile web traffic overtook desktop web traffic. Moreover, experts say there is no chance it will slow down in years. Thus, the only choice you have left to make your website used more often is to make it accessible for mobile phone users.

Nearly six years ago, Google introduced a feature known as the mobile-first index. It helps rank sites for people who use mobile phones and tablets. Moreover, you can find links online that will tell you about the quality your website delivers to mobile users. Furthermore, it will educate you about making your website more accessible to mobile phone users.


Having a business website means that website should directly reflect your business. Your viewers will only pay attention if they find the link between your website and your brand. 

As you already know, to make the viewers engage, you need a reflective website. We suggest you add your business card, logo, company numbers, location, etc. Moreover, you must add your products, services, or work you have previously done to help the viewers relate and engage better. 

Lacing basic information about your brand would make your firm look poorly managed, and everyone wants to work with the best. Remember, such a website would contribute to the credibility of your website. Moreover, it would enrich your firm’s image in the eye of the public, making it memorable simultaneously. 

Connecting With the Customers:

We all know perfection doesn’t exist. You and I can try to create an ideal website, but there will always be some people we will fail to satisfy. We can’t promise you can please everyone, but you can always try to fix their problems.

The best way to do that is to take a survey now and then. Ask your viewers how much they like engaging with your website. Moreover, ask them where they think you fail; to provide. Furthermore, you can ask them there if there is something they think you need to correct. Asking your website users questions like these will make you look more concerned about your brand and its website.

However, we only suggest you fix some of what your viewers ask. Their complaints might be legit, but they are telling what they think. You cannot please one and dis-satisfy the rest of your users. The website is yours, and this is your call to make. Thus, you should wisely decide whether making a change is better or worse for your firm.


In the world that we live in, a website for business purposes is a necessity. There are fewer chances of success without having an online presence. However, you know we live in a fast world where we cannot wait for things to work at a slow pace. Thus, you need a business website. Not only a business website but an unmatched business website. The one that will make you stand out. 

An exceptional website doesn’t require much effort. You can rank your website among the best websites with little hard work. This guide provides you with eight elements that should be a part of every website. However, if you get your website made professionally, they will make them a part without you mentioning it. These are the elements a website should have to set the grounds.

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