End of Year Activities in San Diego

San Diego is referred to as ‘America’s Finest City.’ There are lots of reasons for this, including the warmth of the community, the natural beauty that surrounds it and the temperate climate. Even as fall turns to winter, San Diego’s average temperatures don’t fall below the mid-60s during the daytime. From end-of-the-year festivals to military celebrations to dog friendly whale watches, San Diego caters to all comers, in every season. 

Whole Family Whale Watching

Whale watching excursions have long been a powerful draw for San Diego and whale watching season is all year-long off of the waters of this beautiful city. Indeed, it’s the rare vessel that goes out and doesn’t catch a glimpse of these kings of the deep, especially when their routes bring them right through the waters off of San Diego.

The Gray whale watching season begins in December and runs through April. Soon after, it’s time to check out the humpback whales. Fin whales and blue whales are also abounding in this part of the ocean, at various times. 

Whale Migration Patterns

The ocean off of San Diego is stunningly beautiful and always teeming with glorious marine life. Between December and January, 20,000 gray whales pass San Diego on their annual migration from Alaska to Baja, California. These whales feed in the shallow waters off of the city. This makes whale watching San Diego January a can’t-miss opportunity to see whales en masse.  Blue whale season is in the summer, usually from May to August. 

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Events in San Diego in November

Dia de Los Muertos is San Diego’s version of the Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead. It’s a time for residents and tourists alike to celebrate their lost loved ones and immerse themselves in this traditional and authentic Mexican holiday. 

Fleet Week also takes place in November, and features a barrage of military-inspired events, including music, food and fun for the whole family. Other important events in San Diego in November include:

  • Beer Week
  • Sesame Street’s A Very Funny Christmas Celebration
  • The Waterfront Music and Arts Festival
  • Del Mar racing season

Events in San Diego in December

In December, the streets are lit up with lights and holiday flair. Holidays at Legoland and the Seaworld Christmas Celebration both run from November through January. There are loads of holiday-inspired events in San Diego in December, including:

  • La Mesa’s Holiday in the Village
  • Sono Fest & Chili Cook-off
  • Starlight Nights
  • Balboa Park December Nights
  • Liberty Station Hanukkah and Menorah Lighting

There’s always plenty to do in San Diego, especially near the end of the year. Whale watching San Diego is a year-round attraction, which is bolstered by the migration patterns of the sea’s gentlest giants. Onshore, the city is alive from morning til evening with parks, bistros and events that are calling for your attention. Visit San Diego to experience all that this dynamic city has to offer and check out a sailing charter company to learn about the different types of excursions that you can embark on.

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