Enjoy The Enhanced and Crazy Gameplay Granny

In the game, players will find themselves being caught in a strange place after an accident you have on the road. As you’re trying to check your car, you were suddenly hit by something and fall on the ground unconscious. You don’t know who brought you here and what are their purposes. Whatever that is, they’re not friendly at all.

Later, you find out that you’re being kept captive by a crazy old lady who is extremely terrifying. Quickly, you must find a place to hide since she’s coming to look for you. Hide on the wardrobe, under the bed, and many other places. Try not to make any noises unless you want her to come at you with the bloody baseball club on her hand.

As the initial message in the game has started, you’ll only have 5 days to try to get out of the house before the creepy Granny MOD APK decides to actually play with you. And you can only escape from the front door that’s positioned on the first floor. Worst, it’s also locked so you can’t just bypass her guard and sneak yourself out.

Instead, you’ll have to spend your time searching and investigating inside the house to look for clues. Take on multiple challenges and tasks as you slowly retrieve the keys while avoiding the crazy granny. Remember, with each bat on the head, you’ll be spending the rest of the day on your bed without achieving any further objects. Choose between different levels of difficulty and enjoy yourself in Granny.


Here you’ll find some of the most interesting features that the game has to offer:

Explore the creepy manor as you get involved in this thrilling gameplay

To start with, gamers will find themselves exploring the interesting manor with plenty of gameplay. Try to avoid the granny as you find your ways around the houses, learn her habit and come up with certain tactics to counter them. Dive into the exciting horror gameplay while immersing yourself in the epic horror manor filled with discoverable and interactive features.

Collect clues and interact with the environments

In addition, here, you’ll also learn how to fight for your survival through a series of thrilling and bone-chilling actions. Find yourself interacting with the different elements in the game and explore unique mechanics. Collect useful clues along the way and slowly discovering your way out of this dreadful situation.

Try to stay as quiet as possible to avoid the creepy granny

In addition, you’ll constantly being tailed by the creepy granny who just wants to give you a good smack in the head and leave you unconscious on the floor. Try to stay as quiet as possible since she still has really good ears despite her old age. Not to mention that she can quickly get to you the moment she hears the sound, so make sure that you always stay careful in the game.

Make uses of the intuitive environments to hide away from granny

However, with plenty of interactive objects in the game that can potentially generate certain number of noises, you’ll definitely find it quite difficult to keep quiet during your entire gameplay. That being said, it’s suggested that you find yourself a good place to hide before the creepy granny gets to you. Feel free to hide in multiple places which include the wardrobe, the lift, the box, and more. Stay in stealth mode if you don’t want to get caught.

Ali Hyder

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