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Esperos Bags are backpacks for children that support education initiatives in developing nations. They are made by Oliver Shuttlesworth, who first was inspired by his trip to Central America in 2011. While there, he witnessed the devastating impact of poverty on children and their families. He saw that many of them only had $20 to send their children to school. So, he decided to create a backpack company to sell to raise money for education projects in the developing world.


ESPEROS bags are made from military-grade canvas with signature railroad-stripe lining, a large main compartment, and two interior pockets. The bags are machine-washable, and their thoughtfully designed pockets and compartments maximize space and organization. The bags are designed in Texas and produced in Mexico in ethical workplaces. Their classic silhouettes fit perfectly into any wardrobe, and they are aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

One of the most appealing features of Esperos bags is their wide appeal. Using color blocking, punchy patterns, and military cotton duck canvas, they are made for versatility. They’re water-resistant, and the leather or webbed trim is tough and incredibly durable. They’re also easy to clean. They don’t collect dust, so they won’t look grubby after a day of use.


ESPEROS’s design philosophy is to create products that are timeless and have a unique blend of functionality, style and durability. Its bags feature a classic style with thoughtfully-planned compartments, attachments, and pockets. They’re designed to be durable, yet also easy to carry, making them a practical choice for every occasion. The price of an Esperos bag depends on its size and style, but if you’re on a budget, consider getting a larger-sized bag.

The name “ESPEROS” is derived from the Spanish word for hope. The brand’s Classic Backpack is an iconic piece of luggage that has become synonymous with education. The brand’s founder, Oliver Shuttlesworth, was inspired to create the brand after spending time in Central America. While there, he saw the devastating effects of poverty first-hand. He saw that some parents had only twenty dollars to send their children to school. That’s when he decided to create the first Esperos backpack. The bag’s design is so popular that ESPEROS has now opened stores all over the country and even in Asia.

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The Esperos design philosophy centers on the creation of timeless products with functionality, durability, and style. The bag’s compartments and pockets are thoughtfully planned for maximum efficiency and functionality, while still retaining a timeless aesthetic. The bag’s versatile design and free of harmful chemicals and dyes creates a classic look. Esperos bags will fit in perfectly with every outfit and every occasion. Whether you’re looking for a stylish, functional tote, or a sleek and elegant leather clutch, you’ll find the right ESPEROS bag.

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The Esperos brand’s name derives from the Spanish word for “hope,” a concept that is associated with education and learning. It quickly sold out of its first batch of 50 bags. Then, the company was picked up by Today magazine, and the brand produced another 100. Soon, Esperos bags were sold out at Whole Foods stores nationwide and in a handful of European and Asian locations.

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