Establish Pharmaceutical  Business At “Dubai Biotech Research Park”

Cheapest company setup
Cheapest company setup

Dubai Biotech Research Park is a global draw. DuBiotech seems to be a free zone-style scientific and industrial park dedicated to the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries.

It was established in 2005 and is credited as being the first park committed to research and innovation approaches. The application process for this facility is identical to that of the cheapest free zone setup in Dubai.

DuBiotech’s offices may well be in the “Bio Head Quarters” office block, while the labs are situated at the “Nucleotide Complex”. So far, 26 firms have agreed for becoming DuBiotech’s commercial collaborators.

Services and undertaking sectors

Just after the entire project ends, the free zone for bioscience and innovation in Dubai registration will span an area of approximately 30 million sq. ft. This will be divided into many parklands, each with its own set of businesses, such as 

  • a development division 
  • a manufacturing division 
  • an academic division 
  • an ongoing technical project

Plenty of well-reputed names are shown in the “Dubai Biotechnology Research Park Free Zone”, and several new and fresh businesses who want the cheapest company setup will join hands in the program in the subsequent years. There still are 25 storage spaces of 5000 sq. ft per, as well as buildings and ground for future construction.

Certification of registration

Most of them have LEED certificates, which stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”. As a result, it is the focus of attention for the economic growth of a country on the basis of science and biotechnology.

Why should you go with DuBiotech?

DuBiotech is recognized as an attractive location for biological Sciences companies because it provides a significant hub ecosystem including all aspects of the life science research sector under one umbrella. It is a one-stop superstore.

  • Its Nucleotide tower is environmentally safe and provides a platform for biopharmaceutical businesses to conduct medical and clinical studies.
  • The Emirates is now ranked as the best location in the Middle East for such cheapest free zone setup in Dubai for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • It is attractive because it is tax-free.
  • The UAE is the Mideast region’s 2nd largest purchaser of pharmaceutical items.
  • The UAE is now ranked first in the Mideast for the pharmaceutical business.
  • Dubai is ranked as one of the 10 leading biosciences development destinations in the world.
  • Customers and vendors (Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe) are close by.
  • Regional and global acclaim.
  • Amazing networking opportunities (Business development activities; linkages and collaborations with prestigious universities, specialty hospitals, international regulatory authorities, as well as other scientific parks).
  • Collaboration with national state agencies such as the Ministry of Public health in the United Arab Emirates and the Dubai State Health department.
  • A solid legislative regulatory structure.


“Dubai Biotechnology Research Park Freezone” is well-known for attracting various countries from all over the globe. The UAE Government contributes to the cheapest company setup in one of these Research Park Special economic zone, which encourages individuals from all across the globe to participate in different research and educational projects.

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