Everything You Need For Your Backyard Movie Night

1) Technical Items
You can’t host a backyard movie night without the right equipment, so this first step requires a bit of planning.

Simply put, show your favorite movies:

Electronic gift
A projector or large TV
Screen (if using a projector) .
Something to play your movies on, like a laptop (or DVD player if you’re old school) .
The sound system
Additional calls

There are tons of options available for each of these items, so we will leave the research to you. Just make sure you have the audio, visuals, and lights turned off and you’ll be on your way to the best movie night ever!

2) Interesting article

This step is optional, but it can make your later film more enjoyable, especially if you have children involved.

The theme can dictate how you plan your entire movie night – everything from what your guests wear to the snacks you serve and the decorations set up in the backyard of yours.

If you’re planning a Disney movie night, for example, encourage your guests to dress up as their favorite character, and serve food from your favorite Disney movies (we’ve always wanted to try those cookies from Alice in Wonderland).

If it’s near Halloween and you’re brave enough to host a scary movie night, a spooky theme can be a great way to add some fun.

Have fun getting creative with your theme, and see what ideas you can come up with!

3) Delicious Food

This step can be considered optional as well, but we will take any excuse to spend more time outdoors!

Preparing dinner for your guests before your movie starts is a great way to welcome them into your backyard for the evening.

The key is to check with your guests before planning your meal to make sure you know about any dietary restrictions in advance.

Some of our favorite movie night easy meals are this Goat Cheese, Fig, and Prosciutto Pizza (because you can’t go wrong with pizza) and this delicious Roasted Chicken Salad and Peach.
When dinner is over, it is best to skip dessert and opt for traditional movie theater snacks instead!

Try to find smaller items and put together a movie night buffet with sweet and savory preparations to please everyone.

This can include things like bite-sized pieces of your favorite candy, salty treats (think pretzels), and even some fresh fruit to balance everything out . . . .

Don’t forget your favorite summer drinks and popcorn in mini popcorn buckets, of course!

5) Movie Selection

The easiest way to choose your movie (or movies) for the evening is to pick a few from each genre and narrow down your choices from there. Think rom-coms, actions, thrillers, dramas, musicals and pick your favorites (following your theme, of course).

If your movie night involves smaller ones, it’s easier to choose your movie choice in advance to avoid any arguments about which Pixar flick to watch first!

But if your guests are all sensible adults, consider picking a few movies and voting.


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