Everything You Need To Know About Budget-Friendly Hotels In Dharamshala


Dharamshala is situated in the upper levels of Kangra valley in Himachal Pradesh, at an elevation of 1,475 meters above sea level. Dharamsala attracts backpackers and international visitors. The mountains rising abruptly from the flatlands as the road drifts around the mountain to three villages is a sight to see. So,book a room in budget hotels in Dharamshala for comfortable stay. 

These Himalayan foothills are densely forested, and there are plenty of treks worth taking to remote villages, waterfalls, and the nearby Dhauladhar mountain range. Besides the fact that the Dalai Lama and the exiled Tibetan government have taken shelter here, the stunning beauty of this Buddhist village is its main draw. Dharamshala is also home to the world-famous cricket stadium.

Dharamshala is also very well known for its beauty, but at the same time, it is also the capital of the Central Tibetan Administration and Tibetan government in exile, which is headed by Tenzin Gyatso, who is the 14th and recent Dalai Lama, who is also headquartered in McLeod Ganj. 

Tibetan Buddhism offers the sense of peace and tranquillity that one seeks in beauty.  Just outside of Dharamsala, there are several restaurants where you can find ample of Tibetan delicacies, as well as boutique shops and homestays. Even if it appears unremarkable, the location has been converted into a Buddhist Holy land. There are several tasks to do such as visiting the Tibet museum and Dalai lama’s temple.

One of the things we are looking forward to while traveling is our hotel stay. But just imagine, if you could not get budget hotelto serve you but also pay a low price and you don’t have to negotiate on your stay. The hotel industry is such that where price fluctuations are common. Commonly, two people book the same room for the same number of days but one gets to pay less. While the other person may have to pay more for the same facility, which is why this industry places so much emphasis on the concept of “best price” because it varies from client to client even though the service provided remains the same.

Let’s go through a list of useful tips to save your money on hotel bookings without compromising on the stay.

  • Register yourself

A lot of hotel booking sites require you to register to receive the most recent offers and hotel news. It’s especially convenient when you can get a discount right away by signing up. A few sites also give you points for booking a hotel. If you have accumulated enough points, you can convert them to real money, which will be applied as a rebate on your hotel stay. If receiving endless emails even after your trip is over is inconvenient one can always unsubscribe after you have made the booking or unsubscribe after your trip is over.

  • Look for the best hotel websites

Have you ever wondered why hotel prices vary so much across different websites? This is because each website charges a different fee for listings. As a client, you should be cautious and look for trustworthy websites that offer reimbursement in the event of a change of plans.It is never a good idea to book hotels solely through a few websites. Even if you have never booked from them before, try new sites. Because the company will attempt to advertise their name and you may get better deals. You can also expect them to provide the best services. Just for safety measures book your rooms well in advance and if possible, even call the hotel to confirm your booking before arriving this is to avoid last minute panic before the trip begins.

  • Make bookings

Always make a hotel reservation beforehand for your visit. The most crucial benefit is the no-fee cancellation option. However, the hotel may incura nominal fee for the no-cost cancellation, it is worth it if one has made the payment and hasend moment change of plans. This is a popular trend a lot of booking companies are following. Booking ahead of time will also benefit you as you will be able to book rooms at a lower cost and you can also compare other hotel options.

  • Collection of points

People generally are mad about freebies, and why not when you’re paying for a decent room and getting a premium room for the same price? Whenever you book via hotel websites or booking apps that’s what they’re after. Once you complete your booking, digital money is given that can be used to make a different reservation. Booking site points are used at multiple hotels rather than only one. This means you’ll get points no matter where you reside, however only if one makes the booking through the very same website.

  • Try hunting for last-minute deals

It may come as no surprise that not all guest rooms are occupied for the day, even at the last minute. However, it is a risky option but works great if you are aware of other options. Sometimes it so may happen that you get last-minute bookings which can help you save money. It is risky to book rooms at the last minute as you may not get the booking but if you get the booking there are great deals that can help you save some money on bookings.

  • Set alerts

If you are looking for a reservation in a specific hotel and the rate is too high, you can set up an alert that will notify you when the rate drops. This works best only if you want to stay in that one hotel and you can wait for the prices to drop. If you are flexible on your travel date, this tip is an excellent choice. One can reserve a room as soon as the price drops.


So, there you have it: a few tips on how to bookbudget hotels in dharamshalato help you save money. Because after all of the shopping and traveling one needs a one needs a pleasant place to spend the night and unwind before the next destination!

Asees Mehtab

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