Everything You Need To Know About Cakes

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Celebrating any occasion with family and friends becomes worth remembering for eternity. Music, dance, good food, blissful moments, etc., with loved ones, make any celebration appealing. But, a gorgeous cake is required to let the guests come together, sing carols, and enjoy blissfully; hence, no celebration is complete without a lip-smackingly delicious cake. We all love cakes in different forms, but have you ever thought about the origin or where they came from? Knowing everything about the essential element of any celebration is good. 

One of the most adored sweets in the world is cake. It may be created using a variety of ways and ingredients. It is frequently offered as celebratory food during ceremonial events, and its effect is widespread and ingrained in history. It served as and still is a focal point for neighbourhood gatherings, social events, or family events. People can place an order cake online in Mumbai or anywhere they reside because it gives them more time to spend with their loved ones. So, before eating the next slice of cake, let’s know about the history, types, and everything there is to know about the cakes, shall we?

History of Cakes in a Jiffy

The sweet melodious dessert got its name from the Vikings; it originated from the Old Norse word ‘Kaka’. In the ancient era, Egyptians were considered skilled bakers and used to bake honey-flavoured bread-origin of cake. Although elaborate sweet loaves of bread were produced with a variety of grains and other components, like dried fruits, nuts, and wine, and were offered as sweet treats. There was no difference between bread loaf and cake slices for quite a while. In contrast to what we now associate with the term “cake,” the early cakes were flat and densely baked. Greeks used to make cakes and called them plakous, the greek word for flat. By the middle of the 18th century, beaten eggs had replaced yeast as the primary raising agent for cakes. The bakers would pour the mixture into the moulds to bake the cakes. And during the early 19th century, baking ingredients became more accessible to the general public because of mass production as the consequence of the Industrial Revolution. Modern leavening agents, such as baking soda and baking powder, were readily available. 

How Cake Paved its Way in India?

Initially, the Europeans who came and lived are the reason why cakes were introduced in the first place. The British, Portuguese, Dutch, and French also baked cakes when they lived in India. The art of baking also evolved in India, as ovens were expensive, so people who could not afford they would make a hearth in the backyard and use wood for baking the cake. Even though the British people introduced cakes, there were still not many bakeries and confectionaries available. The first ever bakery in India was opened in Kolkata, but it was not accessible to Indians, as it catered limitedly to the British. 

Types of Trending Cakes

There are plenty of flavoursome and exotic-looking cakes available that you can bake to celebrate any occasion. Cakes are also considered ideal gift options to pair with, being the most important ingredient of any celebration. We also send birthday cake, anniversary cakes, and any other occasion-specific cakes to our near and dear ones on their momentous occasions to make them unforgettable. Find below the many types of cakes available which you can choose from. Read on!

Pull Me Up Cakes

The ravishing Pull Me Up cakes are perfect when it comes to celebrating birthdays or any other memorable occasion—surrounded by a transparent sheet loaded with glazing chocolate or any flavoured ganache. The sheet is pulled up, and the ganache is spread over the cake. Sometimes, sprinkles and edible beads are garnished over it. The fall of the ganache and pulling of the sheet gives the cake an exotic look that pleases the eyes and heart tickles.

Pinata Cakes

Hard from the outside and moist on the inside, the pinata cake is truly a treat to taste buds and hearts. The gooey, moist, and delightful cake is covered with a hard heart or sphere-shaped edible chocolate and then gets broken with a hammer. The beautiful surprise that comes out after beating the thick outer layer is what pleases everyone the most. Pinata cakes are perfect for celebrating occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, gender reveal parties, housewarmings, and so much more. 

Bomb Cakes

Under a bomb-like structure, a gooey and delicious cake is served, which increases the joy and excitement. The beautiful cake is filled with sweetness, dense chocolate, icing, frosting, and other garnish to make it look extraordinary. Almost every person loves bomb cakes as they not just look exquisite but taste delicious. 

Half Cakes

In today’s scenario, celebrating every tiny detail is a must. Gen z and millennials are going with the trend and now celebrate half-year wedding anniversaries, six-month birthdays, and pretty much everything. The Half cakes are literally cut in half and decorated according to the occasion. This half is perfect for you if you have a six-month wedding anniversary or sixth-month dating anniversary. 

Arch Cakes

The arch cake style has been sweeping the cake world in recent months. These cakes are piled with layers of cake and buttercream filling, much like any other cake, yet they appear significantly distinct. Half of a round cake is placed on top of this vertical cake shape, which has a narrow rectangle-shaped base, to give it the appearance of an arch. Perfect for any celebrations, these arch cakes are trending these days.

Natural Dried Flower Cakes

In recent years, dried floral bouquets on cakes have gained popularity and captured the attention of bridal boards all around the world. For fashionable boho brides, it’s a lovely change from the customary fresh floral arrangements. This style frequently features serene muted colours, organic buttercream textures, and a minimalist aesthetic. 

Now you know the history of the delicious cakes you have eaten since childhood. You can choose any trending cake ideas for your next big celebration. 

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