Everything You Should Know Of Doorking And Swiftlane

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Video intercoms can be an essential technology in your house, and it might be a complex topic for all beginners. Video intercoms are not the starting point of intercoms; they are just the upgraded version. In case you do not know, years ago, it was only an intercom, but through the years, it is now more advanced and enhanced by equipping additional features and more functionalities. Now, if you want to invest in video intercom, it might be one of the best things you could do in your condominium, building, apartment, or any part with any entrances. 

There are many video intercom provider that is in the market right now, but there are only a few that guarantees good service and has an overall high-performance intercom. Now, if you are having a hard time choosing, we are here to narrow your choices into two. The two choices are the Doorking intercom and the Swiftlane intercom. These two have the same purpose: to provide you with high security and a sense of vision outside your doorsteps. Hence, because they are two different providers, they all have various components for you to consider. Assessing and evaluating are crucial before fully committing and deciding what video intercom to choose. Here are the things you must know about the two providers. Doorking intercom vs. Swiftlane intercom; which would you choose? Make sure to list some of the essential things. Lastly, share this with your families and friends for future reference.

Everything You Should Know About Doorking Intercom

1.) Telephone Entry System

If you do not know, Doorking intercom only enables over standard telephone lines; it is a very limiting feature. Telephone lines are not the only communication devices that exist right now; there are also smart devices that can connect to your intercom. Sadly, the doorking intercom could not operate with that. 

2.) Hardware

Durable Hardware is a good reason; hence, its large size might become unmanageable to some. This matter could raise the installation cost and restrict the spots on the building where it may be mounted.

3.) Touchscreen Directory

Doorking has no touchscreen directory, so if you look for advanced features like this, you will not find them on Doorking Intercoms. 

4.) Remote Unlock And Door Release

You could find some Doorking models or variants that could cater to this feature from touch-tone telephones. So, if you plan on buying Doorking but want some of these features, you must first search for some specific models.

Everything You Should Know About Swiftlane Video Intercom

1.) Telephone Entry System

In terms of the telephone entry system, Swiftlane is very inclusive in all other communication modes, whether it is a traditional telephone or a smart device. So, whichever line or way they want to connect, Swiftlane could keep up with that. 

2.) Hardware

Swiftlane has been generating a modern-sleek video intercom; plus, it has vandal resistance and can weatherproof. If you are the sort of an individual who prefers to have an aesthetic-looking display at your entrance, a Swiftlane intercom would likely match your preference.

3.) Touchscreen Directory

Indeed, Swiflane has a touchscreen directory that enables the user to navigate the intercom easily. Also, Swiftlane is capable of touchless access, where it will no longer require you to make direct contact on the screen. One of the features that could host touchless access are face recognition, audio unlock, and more.

4.) Remote Unlock And Door Release

Remote unlock one of the best features that help residents or people. With Swiftlane, all their intercom models and variants can perform remote unlock and door releases. You can do your remote unlock through your mobile phone anytime and anywhere. 

Are Video Intercoms Worth It?

Video intercoms will always be a worthy technology for your houses, and the performance will depend on its quality and features. If you want the best intercom, choose the type with advanced and efficient features. 

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