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Health is the most important aspect of a human life. The two most important factors of healthy life are being mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically fit.  For physical fitness we do workout exercises despite having a busy schedule. For mental fitness, we do brain activities that improve our eye-hand coordination ability, motor skills, and also enhance our brain functions regaridng how we think and strategies. EvoShield shopping provides you with all types of such high quality products and EvoShield discount codes can be used for extra discounts. We should be involved in physical fitness which often works as a brain-boosting activity. These activities do good for us both physically and mentally whether you are a kid or a grown-up you should follow this physical fitness which improves our intelligence quotient (IQ). There are various types of activities that improve IQ 

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Common activities which improve our IQ are included and discussed below


The person with a high aptitude and level of thinking and strategizing wins the game by beating other players’ pawns and ultimately check-mating your opponent. Each player has 16 pieces consisting of 8 pawns, two knights, two rooks, two bishops, and a king and queen. Every character can make a limited move as assigned to them. The queen is the most important and powerful character in chess and can move like every other character on the chess board. This game improves our analysis of tactics and strategies. We have to think about our next move before we make a move. This game trains our brain to foresee what our opponent will play and we have to make the move according to that. The chess games also depend on our opening move because the opening move will decide how long the game is going to last. Playing chess benefits your brain’s reasoning. While playing chess you need to act based on both analytically and physically. Chess also helps your brain to produce creativity and makes you learn how to be calm under pressure. EvoShield sale is live at the EvoShield online store for other sports items.


Sudoku is a number game consisting of a 9×9 grid with boxes some filled with the number and some unfilled and you got to fill the whole box following the game rule. This game is pretty common everywhere because every backside of a magazine or daily newspaper has these games for mental activities. This game is a tough mental level game because of tough rules which make the game very hard and eligible to call it a mental activity game. The rule comprises that every row and column can be filled with 1 to 9 without the number getting repeated. Sudoku helps your brain to analyze the grid and reacts to numbers presented there to fill other boxes with the number these activities improve the logical ability of the brain and increase our intelligent quotient EvoShield provides with best sports item and EvoShield promo codes can be used for extra benefits


Running is a great exercise which keeps us stress-free and physically fit. The thing about running you might not know is that running also does great benefits to our brain. Running is a cardiovascular activity that is related to our hearts but it creates new brain cells which help in the overall improvement of our brains such as decision making, learning, and higher thinking activities. Running releases endorphins, which is responsible for our happy and elevated mood. Running also reduces stress and anxiety in your life because the hormones released in running help you sleep better which ultimately is the cause of everything good in your life because if you don’t get enough sleep your day will go with your dull mood. EvoShield coupons codes can be used for buying sports items when you start running like sports tees and shorts at EvoShield online store


Boxing is a combat sport played between two players by throwing punches and kicks in the ring this game consists of sets of rules because this game is a dangerous game if allowed without the rules this game is played under referee supervision and protective gear is also important to be worn by participants so that someone won’t get hurt seriously but sometimes it happens. Boxing offers a great improvement in mental health because of the way it is played the brain is trained to foresee the opponent’s moves and hit so that we can block them and save ourselves from a serious injury. Boxing improves our self-awareness and reaction ability from time to time. Also, boxing relieves stress. For protective gears, for other sports, EvoShield online shops are offering EvoShield deals for benefits on your cart when you check out.

Cricket and football

Cricket and football both are field sports to be played with the number of players in cricket and football 11 players play on a field. Cricket is a bat and ball game consisting of 6 stumps and boundaries far apart from the pitch. Football is also played in a big stadium where every player kicks the ball to pass it to a teammate and to send the ball to the goal post to score a point. Both games are played with a set of rules which should not be compromised. Playing cricket improves our hand-eye coordination and concentration which affects our brain and our team skills and leadership skills also get improved while we handle the 11 members of the team. Whereas in football while playing we improve our muscle coordination, concentration, and leadership skills. For any type of football, accessories visit EvoShield online shop to buy them at the best price by using EvoShield sale. 
Thus, every sport is a great activity to do. There are many activities to do which improve our brain working and improve everything related to our brain concentration, coordination ability, brain muscle flexibility, etc. Don’t forget to use EvoShield offers whenever you shop from EvoShield

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