Exactech Knee Recall Lawsuit

In February 2020, Exactech announced a recall of certain knee replacement systems due to reports of instability and looseness. If you have an Exactech knee replacement, you may be wondering if you are affected by the recall and what your Exactech Knee Recall Lawsuit options are. Read on for more information. 

Which Knee Replacement Systems Are Affected?

The following Exactech knee replacement systems are included in the recall: 

-GPS III Mobilized Articular Resurfacing System        

-GPS II Trunnionseed Loose Body Removal Tool          

-GPS Unicompartmental Loose Body Removal Tool          

-G Plex Loose Body Removal Tool   

What Are the Complications Associated with the Recalled Knee Replacement Systems?

The most common complication associated with the recalled knee replacement systems is instability. Instability can lead to pain, decreased range of motion, and the need for revision surgery. In some cases, patients have required hospitalization due to complications from instability. 

What Should I Do If I Have an Affected Knee Replacement System?

If you have an affected knee replacement system, you should contact your surgeon immediately. Your surgeon will evaluate your implant to see if it is stable and functioning properly. If your implant is unstable or showing signs of wear, you may need to have revision surgery to replace the implant. 

Can I File a Lawsuit?

If you have experienced complications from an Exactech knee replacement system, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer. A lawyer can evaluate your case and help you determine whether filing a lawsuit is right for you. You may be able to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. 

Get Legal Help Today
Exactech has agreed to settle certain lawsuits related to its knee replacement systems for $11 million. If you have been affected by a recalled Exactech knee replacement system, contact a lawyer today for help with your claim.


If you have an Exactech knee replacement system, it is important to be aware of the recent recall. The recalled knee replacement systems may cause instability, which can lead to pain, decreased range of motion, and revision surgery. If you have an affected system, contact your surgeon immediately. You may also be eligible to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer. To learn more about your legal rights and options, contact a lawyer today.

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