Examining the Advantages of Education in international schools in Abu Dhabi

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If you are considering sending your child to an international school, you may be wondering if it is the best option and if it is really worth the money. The short answer is yes, and there are several reasons why. Modern teaching methods are used in international curricula. Students are given the option of selecting subjects based on their personal interests. Furthermore, there is a focus on hands-on learning, which fosters an inquisitive mindset.

Other compelling reasons to send your child to an international school include:

A diverse range of extracurricular activities is available in international schools in Abu Dhabi.

The advantage of attending international schools in Abu Dhabi is the variety of extracurricular activities available. Your child can enroll in after-school classes in a variety of subjects such as foreign languages, advanced math, sports, and so on.

International schools offer on-site facilities with professional trainers, and these classes will help your child develop into a well-rounded individual in the future.

Globalized secondary education.

Attending an international school allows your child to gain admission to a foreign university without having to take additional entrance exams. This is the primary reason that many parents choose international schools. Furthermore, with technological advancements, we are no longer limited to working within the borders of our country. This phenomenon will become more noticeable as your child grows.

He will have to collaborate with people from all over the world. An international school prepares your child for life in a globalized world. With a diverse group of international students and faculty, he is exposed to a variety of cultures from an early age. This experience will make him more tolerant while also making him more resilient.

Individual development and attention.

International school secondary education classrooms typically have a low student-teacher ratio. This ensures that the teacher pays more attention to your child. Because there is no competitive ranking system in international schools, your child can learn at her own pace rather than trying to keep up with the others.

She also has the option of selecting a combination of subjects that interest her. As a result, she will be intrinsically motivated to study, making the learning experience enjoyable and positive.

Infrastructure and teaching methods that are cutting-edge.

An international school secondary education has smart classrooms that take your child’s learning to a new level, from teaching methodologies to the use of modern devices. International schools hire qualified teachers with cross-cultural teaching experience.

They are expected to stay current on research and bring the best teaching methods to the table. They foster students’ curiosity and are sympathetic to their viewpoints. The interactive teaching method, combined with cutting-edge technology, instills in children a lifelong love of learning.

Increased networking opportunities.

One of the benefits of attending an international school is having a diverse group of friends and contacts. Social skills are essential for success in today’s society. Your child will thrive in this competitive world if he or she has friends and acquaintances from all over the world.

An international school’s yearly fee is quite high and can burn a large hole in your pocket, especially if you have more than one child. We always strive to provide the best for our children, but this is not always possible. The good news is that not attending an international school does not spell the end of the world.

Your child can attend a regular school and still excel in life. Your involvement is more important to your child than the type of school he attends. So, spend time with your child and learn about his interests; pique his interest by taking him to science centers and museums, and support his interests by enrolling him in special classes in your area.

How to find a legitimate international school.

Some schools use the term “international” in their name even though they do not follow an international curriculum. So, how do you spot a legitimate international school? The following are some things to keep an eye out for:

  • Availability of one of the three foreign boards.
  • Personnel with international experience.
  • Facilities that meet international standards.
  • Outstanding leadership.
  • A global perspective.

Examine the vision and mission statements on the school’s website before enrolling your child in one. This will help you determine whether it meets your expectations. Speak with the school administration and investigate the qualifications of the teachers. Seek feedback from other students, parents, and alumni.


International schools promote international education topics, laying a solid foundation for cultural understanding. Studying a curriculum from schools like GIIS – an Indian international school spread in India, Singapore, Japan, and the Middle East can provide students with opportunities to learn about new cultures and the world outside of the classroom. So why wait up, get your child into GIIS international school and see the change in their academics unlike never before. 

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