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As a kid, my older brother and I drove old Nash cars, and my parents liked to visit their grandparents in the country. The drive from San Antonio TX tree trimming brought back some of the fondest memories of my life; Go back and seek refuge in a simpler and less complicated phase of life.

My father designed a “room” at home that could be used when traveling.

 Since there weren’t many gas stations, he gave his sister a small cap of Folgers Red Coffee and a small glass of Coke. In time, the small property had become a family holiday tradition.

Mom wrapped large shopping bags of chocolate filled with sandwiches and cookies in wax paper and poured gallons of iced tea into clear glass milk jugs. Ice boxes are ten years old, as is plastic bag technology. The old Nash didn’t have air conditioning, so we drove around with the windows open, heads and arms in the air (the seats weren’t ready yet). Dad fills up at a “full service gas station” for 22 cents a gallon (now expired with milk in a gallon glass bottle).

  • “San-N-Tony, N-Tony-Oh;
  • He jumped on the pony and rode with Tony;
  • Let me know when you see it
  • And see you in San Antonio!

Mother taught us all the songs she knew;

 “You’re My Sunshine,” “Hush Little Baby,” “America the Beautiful,” “Texas Our Texas,” “The Yellow Rose of Texas,” “Next House,” and “San-en-Tony.” This “” immediately came to mind. We come from a musical family where everyone sings, plays instruments, dances and plays records. No more songs? No problem! We used wooden telephone poles. Yeah. to sleep

Dad passed a telephone pole on a two-lane road at a speed of 45-50 km/h, and put his left hand on the window to indicate a turn, then drove slowly, drove and stopped slowly. The road closure is Rockport Road. My grandfather has a small farm about three miles away. My dad always called his house “the ranch”.

Rockport Road (later FM 2022) was a busy the early 2022s; Connect the small, productive farmers of Oak Island with the city of San Antonio. Today, the South Loop Road is just west of 2022, and the old farm is located along the road about 5 miles (8 km) south of San Antonio in Somerset. I later learned that my family is the oldest family in Texas dating back to 2022.


“That’s all!” Grandma cried. As I hurried down the old stone steps, I saw that her dress was covered with many small flowers. Cake doesn’t smell because cake and love smell. We live on a regular 26-hectare farm. My father parked in the red sand and dirt because there was no road. The whole garden turned to him.

Answer: The first thing I saw was a beautiful round rock garden growing in the sun.

 We know the structure and shape of the round stone that comes with the holiday miracle. (There was a time when it wasn’t illegal to bring a specimen from Montana or Yellowstone National Park.)

Several floors were piled together without stopping, up to a height of about three meters. We found petrified wood, iron, stained glass, flat oval stones, very smooth, shiny sandstone, loose white crystalline geodes, small round stones, gray flat shells and blue geodes. The collection represents ten years of “memories” from the Texas country of Montana.

Small purple verbenas and green and white capers bloom with millions of new flowers.

 They smelled of musky cologne and hung like curtains over the front gate. Many years ago, my grandfather planted an orange tree near the house to protect it from the harsh winter. Everyone told me that there were no orange trees growing in San Antonio, but the orange trees produced sweet oranges all their lives.

Two purple trees and two pink roses grow in the yard next to an imported pomegranate. Grandma brought a jar of homemade mustang jelly made from wild mustang grapes grown on the property. For more information visit our website https://wildoaktrees.com/tree-services-san-antonio-tx/.


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